– Hello everybody welcome to Me and My Golf I’m your coach Andy Proudman Now, why is it so hard to draw the golf ball getting that perfect little draw that everybody wants? Well, it’s all about creating the right impact.

We need the right conditions with the club face and the club pass. So let’s just talk you through what you need and then we’re gonna head over to Piers to share with you two very simple ways that actually is gonna help you draw the golf ball by the end of this video.

So let’s take a look at the ground here and what we’ve got. I’ve got some golf clubs in an alignment stick just to help you understand what’s needed. This one is the target line. The other golf club to the right is the path and the red alignment stick is the club face.

So what we need to play this perfect draw is we need a club path that is actually going out to the right at impact, We need the path out to the right. But what we need is, we need the club face actually slightly close to the path.

This is representing the club face here, but as you can see, the club face is actually slightly open to the target line. So if we can get the club path out to the right with the face in between the path and the target line, that’s what’s gonna produce that nice simple little draw.

Now if you’re somebody who fades it or slices it, we generally say that the path is to the left and the face will be well open to that club path. So what does it actually take for us to actually play that draw? We’re gonna head over to Piers to share with you that in very two simple ways.

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– Thanks Andy. Now before we get into my part, which is showing you how to play the draw, wanna ask you a question, what’s your natural ball flight? fade, draw, straight, which one is it? Post comment down below.

It’s always good to find out. I’m gonna split this into two. So same as Andy, club face and path, but we’re gonna go club face first and we’re specifically going to attack people who are slicing the golf ball.

Because a lot of you, obviously everyone who’s clicked on this video wants to play a draw, but a lot of you will actually play a slice already. So you’ll curve it out to the right. So a draw is the opposite shot to that.

So you want to be able to make sure that you can get that face closing faster and giving yourself a chance to play in the draw. if we had one drill, one drill only we could pick and we had five shots with a golfer to stop them slicing it.

This is the drill. So if you slice the golf ball, this is the drill that you need to do. So get yourself a little dang caddy like this. I mean look you can use a holder or stuff with some sheets, a pillow.

You can even go and buy an impact bay if you want to. But what we want you to do is I want you to hit this bag with the toe of the golf club. So you’re gonna twist the toe into the bag. So I’m gonna do this a few times and then actually got TrackMan down there as well.

And you’re gonna see some interesting results as a result of doing this. So if I hit the bag, with the toe reset it. And again, all I’m saying to myself is accelerate the toe over the heel, get it into that bag before the face gets to the bag.

So from there, keep doing it. Let’s just do two more. This by way is the last thing that I should be doing with my golf swing. I have enough rotation anyway, but this is really good for someone who slices it.

Who leaves that face open through the hitting area. Now I’ve got an nice one here. This golf board is going to go considerably left. It’s gonna be a little bit crazy, Okay. And this is what happens to everyone when they do this for the first time.

So here’s shot one, shot one of the five would look like this (laughing) pitches miles left of my target line, which is the alignment stick. Wow, Unbelievable. So my club path, check this out. My club path on that was 0.

0 degrees. That’s pretty decent, yeah but the face was 12 degrees closed of that, which meant the golf ball curved 82.7 feet to the left. So you’re probably saying, well why would I even bother doing that? This is the trick though, and I don’t know why this happens.

I need to speak to someone who’s a, I need to speak to a scientist, I think on why this happens. But when we asked the golfer then take shot two, we get this and they’ll be over the golf ball and they’ll be saying to themselves, this guy’s crazy.

He’s married, turned me into a hooker of the golf ball and now a slicer. So they’ll stand there, they’ll hit a normal shot. and suddenly that golf ball, which whooped violently on the shot before, which on the shots before that would always slice.

Suddenly now it goes relatively straight. So this one shot here, we’ve got 12.5 feet of curve to the left now, I mean that’s a decent draw that’s actually pretty good actually. I’ll be pretty happy with that if I was just playing the draw normally.

So if you want to get that club face close and stop slicing it, that hitting the bag is the number one drill. So if you slice it, you must check that out and give that a try. You did that with a driver as well.

Obviously driver for more effects. I’ve suddenly got the room’s hit driver plus it’s been raining and I’d probably fall over. We don’t want golf balls flying around the car park. Okay, so that’s the club face sorted.

Now when it comes to the club path, how are we going to get that path and shift it to the, right? Now there’s loads of drills, courses loads of drills, but there’s specifically one that we wanted to show you, which is very much about priming your backswing and giving yourself a chance.

So what we’re saying is have a look at my right leg here. So if I let my right leg straightened out a little bit in the backswing, it allows me to turn my hips more, which will allow my arms to go more around my body.

Now for some pro golfers, they may not want to do that. They may want to be more like Brooks Koepka and keep that leg flexed and get it, get the club up in front of them like that. But if you’re somewhat an amateur golfer who slices it and wants to play a draw, let’s allow this right leg to straighten.

Hips will turn more arms, will go more around your body and it will just be a more into out club path. As a result of that, you may not need to do anything more than just that, but this is where we’re gonna start with you.

Let’s just try this out. So let’s get that clear path, but shift it to the right by just opening out the hip by allowing the right leg to straighten a little bit more. So golf will definitely start as right of the stick.

What have we got there? Perfect club path 5.2 degrees to the right. Face two degrees left, this is actually pretty decent. We’ve got a curve of less than 9.6 feet. That’s a really nice draw, Okay? That was obviously lucky, So look, hopefully that makes sense on how you can do that.

But I’m going to hit one more. I’m gonna do the Brooks Koepka canal, so I’m going to work at keeping that right Lake flexed. So my average club path at the moment is obviously quite a bit out to the right.

Okay. So let’s just see what happens when I keep this right leg more flexed on the back swing. You’ll see my arms will go higher as a result and more in front of me. Golf balls started left of the stick now.

So now the club path was 3.8 degrees left at target just by keeping that right leg facts thinking nothing else more in the golf swing face was pretty square to that path, so it was kind of more like a little bit of a pull that shot was, sorry it’s 3.

9 feet of curve to the left, but it was a big, big difference by just literally going from keeping it flexed to play a fate, letting it straighten, opening out to play a draw. – It’s Pier two very simple ways for you guys to help you draw the golf ball.

Didn’t Piers play some beautiful little draws there but didn’t surprise me on that one. Hope you guys enjoyed that If you did make sure you hit the like down below. And also just want to let you guys know, we’ve just released a brand new series over meandmygolf.

com the Me and My Golf home swing guide. And this is really taking you through the whole golf swing set, back swing transition, down swing driving versus irons where we really take through, talk through everything that can help your game and really allow you to pinpoint where you’re going wrong.

Plus we’ve got so many other series on there as well, and coaching plans available for a limited time only that you can watch them in the free trial. So make sure you click the link down below and we’ll look forward to seeing you over there.


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