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The 2 Tips That TRANSFORMED My Golf Swing | ME AND MY GOLF

The 2 Tips That TRANSFORMED My Golf Swing | ME AND MY GOLF

– Today we’re gonna talk you through the things that have really helped my golf game. – Yes, we’re out on the golf course. We’re gonna play a few holes, show you a few shots, and just show you how Mr. Ward has changed in his golfing.

It’s made him an incredible player. – Well, yes, of course. (upbeat music) – Okay, the course has been closed in the UK a lot, so it’s nice to be out. It’s gonna be a little wet, but it’s nice to be swinging.

– [Piers] Yes, indeed. – Obviously, tough time at the moment. Coronavirus, so hopefully we can all move on and get over it pretty fast. (club hitting) – [Pierce] Little bit hilly, a little bit fady but it’s actually perfect.

I’m gonna get an iron I think. – [Andy] An iron? – [Piers] Maybe a 2-iron, well. – Iron? – [Piers] You’re driving, you’re not getting out of bunker, can you? – [Andy] Yeah, I can. (laughing) – [Andy] Nice and it stayed there, on line with me.

Okay so the reason we wanted to do this video today is Piers has made some improvements in his game, and I’ve certainly noticed him striking the golf ball, hitting the golf ball better. So we thought we’ll just discuss some of the things that he’s done and just share them with you guys and showcase a little bit of the golf on the golf course.

Something a bit different than we normally do, but be interesting just to chat to Piers and talk about what he’s done with his irons and his driver that’s really helped him. So Piers, what would you say? You’ve definitely turned a corner with your golf, haven’t you? – So yeah, for me, I would say that my golf the last three or four years hasn’t been so good.

I’ve had quite a few injuries which doesn’t help things, but as a coach, I like to tinker a lot as well. So obviously we’re delivering instruction. We wanna be giving as many different ways of making golfers better.

You wanna sometimes laugh, and I’m very guilty of trying lots of different things. So I definitely thought I just got to a place where actually my game, I’ve just been working that many different things, I kinda lost clarity where it needs to be.

So I thought come on. Let’s get clarity of where you wanna be, figure out what you need to do, and go and do it. – That’ll be familiar with a lot of you guys. You end up messing around with so many things in your golf swing, you go, well, what actually am I working on? (laughing) – Yeah.

– So we’re just gonna share some simple things with Piers today, and show you a few shots and hopefully they help. They may help you in some way. – And all it is just time spent doing the right things.

That’s all it is really. – All it is. And also Piers is now a married man. He got married on Saturday. Piers, congratulations. – I did, thank you. – Congratulate Piers down below. He’s now a married man.

You got your ring on today? – (laughs) No. – He got married Saturday. He’s already took his wedding ring off. (laughing) Okay so talk us through them, Piers, some of the changes then that you’ve made in the, from your, I suppose your golf swing side of things.

– Yeah, do you know what, okay so here’s, basically in my golf swing, I’ve made it more rounded. I’ve made it longer, and I’ve worked on my pivots over my pelvis. So this is mainly with the irons as well.

So basically, my backswing’s getting a little steep and my downswing as a result was a little bit steep. I wasn’t shallowing the downswing. So what I’ve worked on is just getting the club here, a little bit more on plane, a little bit more rounded in the backswing as a result, and definitely longer.

And then because of what I’m doing with my pelvis, it’s a lot easier for me to then shallow the club on the way down. So I can play a draw now. I was struggling to play a draw. It was only fade I could play.

So I’m playing draw again now, and I can still play the fade. – [Andy] So in that first move away, Piers, the club before was a little bit in front of the hand, wasn’t it? Too much there. – Yeah, a bit too much, too much.

– [Andy] And just show us where you wanna be now. So much more in line with the hands there, much more rounded with that club head. Definitely notice the bottomless swing now. Pelvis, you mentioned the pelvis.

Talk us through this then. – Yeah definitely, so what would happen, I mean I didn’t sway my golf swing. I definitely have this move where I move off the ball a little bit this way, but there wasn’t really a sway.

But I was definitely getting my right hip over here more than I would like because I always felt that if I actually worked when I was swinging back, that my pelvis moved toward the target. If you’ve got some of Justin Rose’s swings, and you see that pelvis with Justin move a little bit towards the target, going in to the top of the backswing with his irons, that then allows me to have a little bit more room to shallow my arms and club on the downswing.

So I felt like I just basically got a little bit more room. The one thing I have to be careful with that is because I’ve got a lot of shaft lead that I have to make sure the ball doesn’t go too far back, otherwise I’d be getting crazy big divots.

So the ball goes forward a little bit as a result. – [Andy] I like it, so the hips are really working a little bit more this way in the backswing. I think a lot of people can sort of really learn from that, helping them create a better pivot motion.

– Absolutely. – [Andy] Okay, all right, let’s fly one away then, Piers. Second shot here, seventeenth. (club hitting) – [Piers] Now that’s kind of what I see. I mean there’s no real, probably a one yard draw.

Maybe the wind’s helping it a little bit, but– – [Andy] Not too bad of a divot there. – That’s pretty good, yeah, I mean if I get the ball too far back, that divot becomes a lot steeper, but with it being wet like this that’s probably what I would like to see on that sort of shot.

But definitely it’s amazing how much room I feel I have because my pelvis is there. So if you’re someone who gets a little bit steep on the downswing, you know, getting your pelvis to do this on the backswing, it could be a game changer for you.

It works really well. (laughing) – [Piers] Now Perton never normally gets muddy, but it did there. – [Andy] Yeah so these are, I didn’t bring them like this. They’re actually– – [Piers] Yeah, yeah whatever.

– They’re actually pretty wet here in the UK. – [Piers] He never cleans his golf shoes. All right so what you got a sand wedge, gap wedge? – Yeah, I’ve got a sand wedge here. It’s about 85 yards. – [Piers] Okay.

Let’s see what you got. – Some temporary greens here at Perton as well. Keep people going. (club hitting) – [Piers] That’s a big divot from the wet course. – Oh, look at that! (laughing) Now that is a divot.

– [Piers] Some people would like that as a head of hair with a like a ponytail. – [Andy] Mine went pretty close there, 30 (murmurs). Oh, hello. – (sighs) I think that was all I had. – [Andy] Good that was a– – That was about as hard as I’m gonna hit it.

– [Andy] A full wack. – Oh, didn’t wanna do that. – [Andy] And my new putter as well. Guys, I’ve got this new Truss here. – What do you think of it cause you’ve actually played a bit of golf in California.

Did you take it with you? – [Andy] I actually really liked it. No, no, no I actually forgot it. – [Piers] Okay. – But I played when we went to Spain, and it was, it felt great. – [Piers] Oh yeah cause you– – Cause we won, cause we won, yeah.

(laughs) But no, it does, it feels, I mean I love (murmurs) did well with it, but going back to these straight edges for me, squareness is just, I feel like I can stand over anything this range, and I just feel I’m just gonna roll everything in because I’ve just– – [Piers] I think, I think– – Been on this golf course.

– [Piers] Yeah and I agree. I think golfers go back to what they originally putted with shape wise. I think they often do that. – I’m actually a little bit put off by how dirty my shoes are. All I can see is the mud on my shoes.

– [Piers] I’m gonna come around here to see your ball going in the hole. (soft music) (club tapping) – [Piers] It was gonna go in. – I left it short on purpose. I obviously didn’t wanna get it out of the hole.

– [Piers] I kind of gave you the bird here. For those of you who’ve not played Perton before, I think the last, the tee shots, is really hard. I mean you’ve literally got– – It is so hard, isn’t it? – [Piers] You know, the fairway, that’s it.

I’ll get the zoom in as much as I can. So a slightly forward tee here, so it’s not so bad. But the fairway is literally this, par five (murmurs) right. It’s the trouble on the left is quite easy to get into, and you’ve got trees all down the right.

So you’ve gotta hit a good tee shot. – The wind’s off the left today, so that means you can sort of hit it in the bunker and hopefully that wind– – [Piers] It’s a good wind, isn’t it? Cause the trouble on the left is that’s the lost ball stuff, so as you say, hit it down the left side of the fairway, and let the wind just sort of push you back to the middle.

(club hitting) A little bit too much on the wind. – Yeah it’ll be towards the trees, just the edge of the trees on the right, but let’s talk then Piers about your couple of adjustments. Now was it right that these adjustments were mainly off the back of the lesson with Leadbetter? – With the– – [Andy] With the setter.

– With the drive, 100%, yes. So what it was, I’ve always been, I kind of have this, I’m not comparing myself to Henrik Stenson, but I always had this sort of move off the ball, so I would if in fact if I just go here.

So I would move off the ball like this, and there would be some up and down, sideways movement, more than I would want in my golf swing. And I, my posture, I think it’s cause I’m tall. I’ve got long levers.

I was always, I always felt more powerful with a little bit more leg flex. I felt like I could get into the ground a little bit more, but it was amazing. When I actually got my balance points better, so basically when I stood taller, then my legs were straighter.

So I was actually balanced better. When I swing now, it’s a lot more of a rotation of the body that I feel, and I don’t feel that I’m going up and down. When I videoed myself, I’m not going up and down as much.

So you think of it that way and you go, well, hopefully that can make an improvement. The one thing that happened when I first did it and still to a degree now is I feel a little bit less mobile as a result because I’m always used to this, but by standing tall, I feel less mobile, but then I look at the speeds that I’m getting.

I look at the distance that I’m getting. They haven’t really changed, and actually– – [Andy] And you’re more mobile. – Yeah I would say I think so. – [Andy] Just a feeling, isn’t it? – Yeah, I still don’t feel that yet, but I think definitely when you look at things and look at them deeper, then yes I definitely am.

– [Andy] So it just shows you, you said it then Piers. – So the new one. – [Andy] Yeah your new one. So his legs are a little bit less flexed. Now I think a lot of guys that we see, Piers, have so much flex in their legs that they just lose up on.

This is probably where you were at the start before. – I say I was probably something like this. – [Andy] And then you’d sink into that right leg at the start. – So I’d move like this. The club would almost still be there.

I would move like this, and then I would be sort of an upward motion at the top. And look, some of these things are fine. But if you feel that you wanna do some changes, and for me, it was massively different.

I think a couple of times I’ve played where I’ve had the best driving rounds I’ve had for almost 20 years in the last sort of six months. So, yeah I’m trying to think. Dubai, Dubai when we played Bernd Wiesberger.

That was brilliant, you know, on a golf course. – [Andy] So you’re really just getting the rotation work in earlier, as opposed to that sinking and upward and downward movement. – Yes, absolutely. So it is from here exactly that.

So I feel, and because the swing’s longer as well, and I, so I’ve actually worked on lengthening it. So often now, I’ll have practice swings that look like that. So it’s almost like I’m trying to stretch out my body, but that’s exactly what I’m doing.

I’m actually having these long practice swings to get the, and it’s not so much a bigger turn. It’s just a longer arm swing which has a lot more power. You gotta maintain power, Andrew. It’s the most important thing you’ve got.

– [Andy] You have maintained power. – Yes. – [Andy] Cause you’re getting older. (laughing) – No, no, no, no, nothing to do with age. – [Andy] Stop talking and just hit it now. – Okay let’s get on with it.

– [Andy] You talk for too long. Let’s just give it a rip then there. – Okay. – [Andy] Sun’s coming out now as well. – Yeah it’s actually, it’s amazing how much warmer it is. (club hitting) That might be a little tight on that breeze now.

– [Andy] Yeah, it’s kept me company over there. – [Piers] Yep, similar to you. – [Andy] Just sociable and it’s less work too on camera, Piers. We’ll keep the camera together. – Which it was still a lovely strike.

– [Andy] It was very nice. Well done. – Thank you. Well, I suppose the one good things is the wind’s off the left. – That is a good thing. (laughing) It means I’m gonna actually go for it today. – [Piers] Yeah, well you got about 190.

– I reckon I got probably 200, maybe 190, 200. – [Piers] Okay. – Five iron, I’m gonna see if I can start it just left of the fir tree there if that is a fir tree or whatever it is, or pine. And then a little fade.

Actually quite a big fade, and let the wind ride it as well. – [Piers] You gonna go left of that, yeah? – I’m gonna go left, so my face is gonna be pointing left of that tree. – [Piers] It’ll be higher than that as well by the time it gets to it? – Yeah.

– [Piers] Yeah. – But I’m still gonna keep it a little lower. – [Piers] You are keeping, okay you are keeping it a little lower. – Yeah it’s gonna be like a punch slice. (club hitting) – [Piers] Nice, nice.

So yeah, aiming well left and feeling like you’re playing a bit of a punch as well? – Yeah, just ball back, narrow stance, just a bit more of a, yeah more of a punch shot really. – [Piers] Okay, tidy, tidy.

Now I haven’t got that luxury. Well, I could. – [Andy] There’s a gap there. – [Piers] There’s definitely a gap, of course there is. – [Andy] There’s a gap. You can do it. – [Piers] There’s always a gap.

– [Andy] You can do it. – So I’m not going low. I’m going high. – [Andy] You’re going high? – Yeah. This is a perfect window for my iron. (laughing) Trust me. – [Andy] Okay. – Trust me. – [Andy] Good luck.

So he’s trying to go up there where there’s branches everywhere. – Yeah they’re not bad branches though. – [Andy] Oh they’re not bad branches. They’re okay. – No. – [Andy] Are they good branches? – They’re nice branches, yeah.

(club hitting) It hit a bad branch. – [Andy] It hit a bad branch. I don’t know where the ball went. – Do you see it? – [Andy] No, I don’t know where the ball went. – It’s probably on the green about three foot from the flag.

– [Andy] It probably is, yeah. (laughing) So here’s our advice, guys. If you’re in a tournament, don’t do that. (laughing) If you’re in a tournament, chip out on the side of the fairway, take your medicine, and give yourself an opportunity because that there, actually I can see it.

I can see it, Piers. – [Piers] You got it? – It’s about 40 yards just there. So Piers has just hit it. (soft music) Here, you’re a very lucky boy, Piers. You still got a shot. – Not really, no. It’s same as a chip out, isn’t it? It’s worth the, I mean I would guess at the yardage here.

What would you think that is? – [Andy] Into the breezeway. – 120? – [Andy] That is 120 into the breeze. I reckon he’s playing 135. – Okay. (club hitting) – [Andy] That looked clean. – Was a little bit too clean, sit.

52, 58? – 58, I’m just gonna play like a dead hands shaft high chip shot, here. (club hitting) – [Piers] Sit a bit, sit a bit, yeah nice. – [Andy] Okay, Piers, what kind you got there? You got like a wedge? – Yeah a pitching wedge.

– [Andy] Do you wanna just chip and run? – Chip and run. It’s gonna start quickly, get it moving forward as much as we can. (club tapping) – [Andy] Sit down, sit down. – Woops, oh, that little jag at the end.

– [Andy] Okay, go on then, see if we can roll this in. – Okay stop it going in, Andy. I don’t wanna get my hand in the hole. Good par. – [Andy] Yeah it’s good par, well done. – All right, for birdie. Just, just strange isn’t it– – [Andy] I was reading, reading the green then.

– [Piers] Isn’t it strange what we’re going through at the moment, this. Yeah it was going in. It was going in. – Thank you, I’ll take the birdie there. – [Piers] Don’t even shake hands. Don’t even shake hands.

Yeah, it is strange what’s going on, so look, if you are watching this and you’re not able to play any golf at the moment, hopefully we will be able to get out there soon. And hopefully you are staying safe as well.

– Yes, it’s a bit of a different video for us to do today, but it’s nice to be on the golf course in some fresh air and not be, I suppose this is, in some way, a social distance. – [Piers] Yes. – Keeping away from everybody as well which is good, so guys I hope you enjoyed that.

Whatever you’re up to, wherever you are, stay safe, stay healthy, and let’s get through this over the next few weeks as fast as we can and back to normal. – Absolutely, absolutely. – Thanks for watching.

Leave any comments and questions down below about his game and maybe even about my game. We could do maybe another one of these, – Yeah we should. – talking about my swing as well. – We should. – When it’s warmer.

– Yes, when it’s warmer please. – See you soon. – Cheers guys.


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