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TaylorMade M3 Fairway Wood


Price: $266.67
(as of Oct 02,2020 13:00:41 UTC – Details)

Overview * The M3 fairway wood uses a new generation of multi-material construction to save weight and create more power. * Lighter carbon materials are used in the crown and sole to save weight that’s strategically repositioned to create a lower center of gravity. * The Speed Pocket is lengthened for even more flexibility and more ball speed lower on the face. * A heavier movable weight provides even more personalization to create your preferred shot shape. * TaylorMade’s M3 fairway is ideal for golfers who want personalized performance and custom playability in a fairway wood. Features * Lightweight carbon crown and sole frees up weight that’s repositioned for a lower, more powerful center of gravity * Lengthened Speed Pocket offers more flexibility and increases ball speed low on the club face * 29-gram movable weight offers more adjustability to shape your shot * Weight track features a new overhang for consistent interaction through the turf * 12-position, 4A adjustable hosel to fine-tune loft and personalize launch * Includes headcover Lighter MaterialsThe 5-layer carbon crown and sole saves eight grams of weight that has been moved to create a lower, more powerful center of gravity.Longer Speed PocketTaylorMade’s signature Speed Pocket design has been lengthened to increase flexibility and provide more ball speed for shots hit low on the club face.Adjustable Weight TrackA single, heavier 29-gram weight moves along a track to provide more left-to-right shot adjustability. The track now features an overhang design for more consistent turf interaction.Adjustable Loft SleeveThe M3 fairway wood is available in three lofts, each with a 12-position, 4A loft sleeve to create your preferred trajectory.

Lighter 5-layer carbon crown and sole frees up 8g of weight for a lower more powerful CG location. Lengthened speed pocket provides more flexibility and more ball speed low on the face
Improved playability: new Track overhang delivers precise and consistent turf interaction
Personalization: more left-to-right adjustability due to a heavier, 29g movable weight. More streamlined, 12-position 4 degree loft sleeve


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