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– Today I’m going to give my dad a golf lesson. What did I let myself in for? Okay everybody, so I’m gonna give my dad a golf lesson today. And, before you say anything I’m actually currently staying with my parents at the moment over this period of time, so I am practicing social distancing.

But, today I get the chance to actually give this guy a golf lesson. So, I’ve got the camera here lined up. We’ve got the other camera here. I’ve already took some swings of him. So let’s actually have a chat about his golf, actually this is the guy who taught me everything I know about golf.

All right dad? – Which is zilch. – So, let’s just talk about your golf. How often do you play? – About once a week. – About once a week. – And what scores- – Hopefully, I’ll be free to play more than once a week, depending on the weather.

– And what sort of scores do you have? Average score. – Average. In the 90’s. 95, 98. Sometimes I’ll have 100, 105. – So between 95 and 105 let’s say. Okay, and what are the things you struggle with? – Well, keeping straight.

Most of the time, it goes right, and every now and again, one will go left. – The right’s the bigger miss for you, yeah? So, if you could stop the right shot, that would be better. What about strike, contact? – Contact seems to be all right, most of the time it comes out it seems to come out in the middle.

But it just seems to, you know, whether it’s I’m moving my body, I don’t know. I don’t know what’s happening, but it goes right. So the good thing is I know exactly what we’re going to do today anyway.

So, what we’re going to do is, we’re going to hit a few shots, talk about his thoughts, his swing, and then show you guys how we’re going to change his golf swing really fast today. And, we’re going to have a bit of a goal on what we’re going to do.

So, let’s get hitting a few shots and then we’ll see. So what would you say that you think about, and what would you say in your swing that you think about? – What I think about? – Yeah, well what are you trying to do? – Well, I don’t think about it a lot, I just look at the ball and think- I just hope I get a good contact on the ball.

(mumbles) I don’t think much about my body and arms, I just tend to do what comes natural to my body. – So, my dad doesn’t practice that much, so he just plays once a week. So he doesn’t have any thoughts, any technical thoughts.

You just go out there and just play to win. You might have a few thoughts now and again, but it’s pretty simple isn’t it? – Yeah, sometimes I think about I’m moving my body backwards or, sometimes whoever I’m playing with will tell me what I’m doing wrong.

– (laughs) Yeah, and we know what that goes like, oh yeah. Our playing partners. – And then I’ll better them, hey. – Exactly, the 2,800 cap, I’m telling you, is where my dad always goes wrong. So, one of the things that I always note is what tends to happen- when you’re on the course, what tends to happen after you hit a shot? What happens to your body? – Well, I seem to be in this position, rather than in that position.

– Okay, so rather than finishing you sort of more hang back and fall back, okay. So, he’s not doing this at the moment, because he’s probably a little more conscious. Let’s have a couple more shots, and then we’ll go through the swing.

Nice, that was actually straight. Nice, okay right. Let’s have a look at the swing and we’ll go through the key things. And, so if we have a look here then dad. So what we’ve got here, this is from top view, yeah? – Yeah – I’m just going to put in the important lines for you, and you probably know we’re going to touch on this anyway.

Look from the front view, as we swing back, we’re just going to pay attention to what does the movement here. So if we swing back here, doesn’t look too bad at the moment in terms of the hips, does it? – It’s there.

– Do you see how how my right arm collapses? – So, the arms are a little collapsed. What we’re going to notice here, I just want you to notice right, if you look at where your left shoulder is, and see how your left shoulder stays.

.. – In the same place. – In the same place. Okay, so it means that your body isn’t quite working, so the left shoulder stays in the same place. And then, we have this little bit of a sway of the hips out towards the end.

See that there, yeah? What happens now is that because we’ve hadn’t returned the body, we can’t really move towards the target. So, this gap here, the best players in the world move this way. – That way it goes over the line more so than- – So, you can see top of the swing now, we don’t really move towards the line, we sort of stay back behind it.

And these are still good shots, these are- – I look like I’m moving up in the air as well. – Exactly yeah, so there’s that point in the movement. – So if you take your setup, and you do a backswing. So, what he’s doing from here is, and we’ll go through the down line in a minute, is the first movements away, if you’ll do a backswing for us, this shoulder isn’t really moving that much, so its sort of staying in the same place, which really makes it hard to turn.

When it’s difficult to turn, the club is going to move in a different direction. So, if we look at what’s happening with the down the line view now. If we want to get you hitting a bit straighter and get the body working better, we’d like to see your club swinging closer to this yellow line.

So, if we look on the way back, I think the setup’s pretty good, posture’s nice. Club on the way back, it goes- Can you see how the club’s a little in front of the yellow line? – Yeah – Yeah. And now as we go to the top, It’s above, that’s okay, that’s not too bad, not too bad, yeah.

But what we’re going to see now, ready, what we’re going to see now, look at the club. – Oh, going forward. – Yeah, so your club now, you can see it’s almost chopping through your neck or head. Ideally, we’d love to see this club somewhere near this line.

– So more further down my back? – Yeah, so your club is cutting cutting across. So, it’s way in front, look. And when your club is way in front like that, the body has to stand up to try and compensate.

And this is where all those body movements are happening. We’ll stand up now. Look, you see you’re standing up? – It’s like I’m moving away, backwards that way. My arms look like they’re finishing too close to my body.

– It’s just because we stand up when we get cramped. The goal of today’s session is, if we can get your club moving somewhat closer to that line, you haven’t got to make all those compensations. Because you’re swinging way over the top and across it, and that’s what causes these big vicious slices.

– So, I’m coming up there, instead of- – Instead of round, yeah? – But when I do that, I feel like it’s gonna go- I’m gonna come like that, and it’s gonna go, over there. – It will do, if you don’t shift this way.

– Moving forward. – Yeah, so there’s a couple of things that need to happen, but we’re only going to change the one thing. Get the club across your shoulders for me, like this. So, lean forward in your posture, and this is the great thing about in person coaching because now I can actually give him the feels that he needs.

So, we talked about what this shoulder was doing. Okay, ready? So, I’m going to move the body for us here as we swing away, this is what we’re going to feel. Keep your eyes down where the ball would be.

Keep your eyes down where the ball would be. Okay, now what does that feel like? – (groans and laughs) a bit tough. – We need to get my dad on the yoga classes with me. Okay, let’s do it again. So, relax, breathe out.

Okay, now just allow yourself to turn. Again, notice what you feel. – (mumbles) – Where’d you feel it? – Around my waist and my back. – Around here, yeah? – No, other side left, I’m sorry. Other side.

– Do you feel there’s more of a turn? – More of a turn- further more than I’d normally turn to. – Yeah, okay, and again. Just going to go a couple more. Okay, so now we can see that this left shoulder now is moving away from that line.

So there’s a lot of rotation of the hips, a lot of rotation of the chest here. Can you feel the difference around here as well, how much you’re turning more here? – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay, let’s do one more.

So, now we’re getting him to be more rotary. Hips turning, chest is turning, the shoulder’s moving now, and from here now- you can relax there a second dad. Now, that’s a different feel on the back and everything completely, yeah? – Yeah, and it’s sort of, and I suppose pretty well through the back and spine.

– What we’re beginning to do is to really now open up this movement in his shoulder instead of staying here and having this little bit of a sway, now we’re getting the shoulder to move back and open up.

And this is the key thing now, think about that. As we open this up, dad, this is what is going to create the space on the way down for your club to swing. You haven’t got a thing necessarily about where the club is, we’re just going to worry about what the body is doing.

I really want you to feel that you’re moving this part of the body, so nice and slow in this first part. I’m going to come around here and I’m going to encourage him to move this way. So, turn turn turn turn turn, hold it, good.

Difference? – Yeah. – Okay, and again. – I could just about see the ball, I mean my nose was almost in the way. – (laughs) look for the one light. – My nose was almost covering the ball. – Also, as well, you’ve got a quite stiff neck.

He’s got a stiff neck, so It’s quite hard. This is why he’s struggling with this a little bit, so. – But getting into that position that you’re getting me to feels a little bit uncomfortable. – This is just training a pattern.

Your pattern has been for a long time, this, sort of this sway and reverse, and now we’ve got to get you to go more this way, return and then be able to push. – So, it’s more of a round, rather than a back? – Yeah definitely.

And one of the issues here is as well, the reason that you probably swing the way you do is because of maybe the previous thoughts and in the past you said to me that I need to swing it straight to hit it straight, when actually, we need to swing it around the body, which helps set it straight, not straight.

So, this is where it’s come from, this straightness, it causes us to do this, instead of actually, going around. So it’s the concept in your brain. – Because I think if I’m coming around- – There you go, that’s exactly what I need you to do.

– Well, I’ve done that, yeah, that’s what I’m doing yeah. As I’m coming around to this new way, I feel like I’m going to come down and I’m going to follow through and It’s going to go flying all the way over there.

That’s what’s in my head. – Okay, perfect. Just stand here for me, because that’s- how you demonstrated that, you said round, and that was perfect. So, watch this golf club, ready? I’m just going to swing back, notice where it goes.

So it goes round, it comes down, it’s still coming from what we call the inside, it comes back to the target line, and look where it goes now. It should go around the body. – And the ball’s obviously gone? – All gone, yeah.

So, you said round then? Show me that round swing one more practice shot, and then I’ll get you to hit a shot. So, think round, good and through. Perfect, okay. Take your time on the backswing. Don’t worry about hitting the golf ball, just think about the movements.

Nice and slow, yeah. Just make sure you get the roundness. Round, round round round round. – (laughing) aw, I missed it (more laughing) You said don’t worry about hitting the golf ball. (still laughing) – Practice swing that was, yeah.

– I think my nose must’ve been in the way there. – Good. – That was a good shot. – So what happens is when we normally do a golf lesson, you’ll hit a shot, you’ll hit a shot, the feeling wears off and it’s easy to creep back in.

So what I will do, is I’ll come in and I’ll reinforce the right feelings, but if you’re practicing at home, stop take a break, do the drills, I’m going to get my dad now to just put the club across your shoulders again, dad, for me.

So I really want to get a sense again, I’m trying to break up his practice, so we can reinforce the feelings, let’s do a turn, breathe out. Okay, so it’s just great to be able to do this because this is telling your body what do I need to feel when I do this.

The shoulder is moving back, you’ll feel the stretch in his back as well, his nose will be getting in the way of his eyes. – (laughs) – So, there you go. So there’s still giving you the feeling. Now go straight into hitting a shot for me.

Okay, so swing was good, shot wasn’t, but that’s fine because the attention was back on that. Okay, let’s take a look. The number one goal of this lesson today was to get the club swinging- – Around the back? – Closer to that line.

– Close to that line, yeah. – So, let’s have a look on the way back here. The club now swings more round, yeah, instead of above it. – It’s just a little bit further up, it comes to the position at the top.

– Nice there. So, it’s definitely more rounded, you can see the turn of the body more, maybe a little long, but that’s okay. If we look at the down swing now, watch this, it’s still steep, but watch this.

– I compensate and come back to it? – It’s better, remember before it was chopping through your head, so now the club is coming through a slightly shallower angle here, yeah. – It’s coming back onto the line again.

– It comes down pretty close there, that’s pretty good. And then, damn close to the line again here. And this is only from what, 15 minutes work here. We’ve gone from out steep and way over, to now a little bit more round and closer to that line.

This is something that would take a little bit of time to engrain, and you would see as the movement got better, the quality of this would get better every time, but you can see from here, look now, the difference in that.

– Even the finish looks good? – Yeah, the finish is definitely- but it will be because you haven’t got to make as many compensations. As soon as that club goes over here, the body goes hang on a minute, I’ve got to stand up, then I get cramped, and then you can’t move through.

So the better this is- – Basically it’s all about the hips? Every time it’s a good shot, I always end up in that position and, it’s probably only once in a round I finish like that. And you said to me, you said, It’s because you made a good shot.

– But the follow through is determined by what you do on the back side. I knew exactly what we were going to work on today because I’ve seen him swing so many times, but one of the most important things is the concept.

So, you before your concept of trying to keep it straight was up, but now it’s round, I think soon as you said round, you went “oh I got to think round”, the body went into a great position because the image in the mind was right.

And even those swings that you’re doing there, that just looks now like a more- it’s good, because now we’re going “oh I’m going round”, and now it’s almost unlocked the right thought. – Yeah, definitely.

– Just need to practice now, you got the net in the garden, no excuses, locked down for a month, every day. He actually came out and filmed some yesterday for the first time I think you’ve ever filmed anything.

– Yeah, first time I ever filmed myself. – He was trying to improve before we did the lesson. – But yeah, hope you enjoyed that guys, make sure you comment down below any of those things that were useful for you, make sure you hit the subscribe and hit that notification bell, and maybe we’ll do some more live lessons.

Would you like to see more live lessons? Let us know more down below and we’ll see you soon. My dad’s continuing to work on his game out. Now, over the next few weeks guys, we are opening up our membership website for a 30 day free trial where you can access so much content.

We got Simple Secrets Coaching Plan, Flexible in 15 our flexibility program, How to Play Golf the Basics, and we got a new Home Swing Guide series coming very soon. So, all you need to do is go to the website, use the code HOME30, and get access to that for free.

We’d love to see you over there. Have a great day and we’ll see you soon.


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