You tell me what you want to do around the green, I’m just hitting shots. – Yeah yeah yeah Well just go with a mix and just you know, even just talking about the shot you’re playing now. – Well I just scored it, so.

– Most people would want to fire this really high, but you’re firing these in low so I think that’s a good talking point, really. – I’m just spinning it. – So, we’ve got what, 30 yards here? How do you, I mean, in tournament plays, what would you do here? How do you play this shot to get across? – A lot is dictated by the lie.

We’re lucky that we’re in really nice Bermuda grass that’s down the grain. There’ll be a big difference between hitting it here and into the grain. – Yes, big difference there. – Because we’re down-grain, and the green is a little bit uphill, you can put some spin on it.

I kinda just feel the shot, usually. I don’t know how other players might do it, but I like opening the face and then putting my hands really far forward and just keeping that angle. And I don’t know how to release very well.

I don’t know how to spin it with release. – Yeah. – So I’m quite aggressive by keeping the face open. (golf ball thwacks) Am I a little short? Yeah, but, made it over still. – It’s interesting, when you’re playing that they’re not, as you said, it his shaft leaned forward and you’re holding that angle on.

– Yeah. – But you’re not taking a massive divot, are you? – No, if you think about it, if you hold this angle, it’s gonna come in steep but it’s gonna be shallow through. If you release it at some point is when you’re going a little bit deeper.

– Yeah. – Yeah. – Helps having the face up as well to use at first. – Exactly, yeah. That’s why I keep it open. – Yeah. – Yeah. – I try to create that aggressive contact but still shallow. (golf ball thwacks) There we go.

– [Andy] Yeah, I mean, that’s nice. – [Piers] What loft’s this? – That’s 60. – You wouldn’t go any higher than that, loft-wise? – Oh, I, no. – 64, tried that? – No. I mean, I could try to hit a little bit higher.

– You’ve played the shot higher. (golf ball thwacks) And that’s when you got your hands releasing a little bit more. – But you definitely feel comfortable seeing it going in flighted and sorta head-height? – Yeah.

I mean, I maybe wouldn’t go that low. I’m exaggerating it. (Piers laughs) Probably be somewhere in between the last two shots. (golf ball thwacks) Something like that. – Shall we go discuss this other one? So, if you’ve got a little more green to work with.

What’s your thoughts here? – So, what I would do, cause it’s hard to feel it, right? I would make sure I know the steps on the distance to the pin. And then pick a spot. So in this case, if I want to land it on line with the pin where the shadow starts, I would count the paces from there to the pin.

To then know how far I need to land it on. And it’ll be a pretty straightforward shot. You don’t need to spin it here, right? You got plenty of green. So, pretty much square hand, square through. Very similar to what I just did there but with a square face.

– Okay. – Not as forward with my hands. (golf ball thwacks) I just let it release. – Pretty much landed on that shadow, didn’t it? – Yeah. Missed the break a little bit. But yeah, that’ll be the idea.

– So do you like to just feel on the through swing then, John, that everything’s fairly quiet with the hands and everything’s more passive in this– – In those shots, yeah. In those shots. You know, I like having my hands forward and just feel like I’m dragging the edge of the club with me to make sure I’m turning left.

When I start thinking about hands too much is when I stop my body and it just doesn’t happen very good. It does, sometimes, when I’m into the grain I do need to learn how to shallow it out. So, I will release it a little more.

But still complicated for me. (Piers laughs) I will feel like I’m releasing up here. – Yeah. – Yeah. – But I’m really not doing that. It’s a feeling I get. (golf ball thwacks) – The feel versus the real.

– Yeah, and just comes out higher with less spin. It’s hard to do – It is. – You did very well, though. – Yeah, I mean, the same shot over here would come out very different. (golf ball thwacks) – It’s amazing, you’re like a foot away there, and the difference in.

– Yeah. – But isn’t that important though? So, obviously you play Primes and you see the guys out there, the amateur golfers, you know? A lot of them don’t assess the lie. And they only have one way of doing it anyway, really.

I suppose. – Yeah. I mean it’s a big difference, not assessing the lie, right? I mean you can, we all, within three feet you have three completely different lies. And they’re gonna behave completely different.

– Yeah yeah. – So you can’t approach each shot the same way. You’re gonna be able to spin one of them, the other two are gonna release, and you’re gonna have to adjust the technique to each one of them, right? At the same time, you’re need to learn the shots.

(laughing) – Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah. – But still, if you only have one shot, well, you just still need to adjust. If you wanna do the same technique, you know, these two are not gonna spin, and this one will.

– How would you play this one here? It’s less in a divot, basically. – Honestly, not that different from what I just did over there. Because I come in pretty steep in the shot itself, I wouldn’t change it.

Maybe I feel like I’m digging the heel more into the ground? – Yeah. – Okay. – Just to get under the ball. But I wouldn’t change much. (golf ball thwacks) – [Andy] That’s good. Cause that’s a hard shot, that was.

– I actually got it much better than I thought. It wasn’t that deep for the 3-iron. I know we were trying to do it like that though. – Do you fancy that one? – I did not like that one. I’d have got that one out with my knee, nevermind the club.

How about this flack over here, John? What were you thinking here? What would you go here? Would it be similar again? – Well the one thing we have going for us is that it’s up the hill. Okay, so you can be a little bit aggressive and not be too scared of going very far over.

There’s a couple ways you can do it. I mean, you hit it a little higher with, you know, not much spin. I can hit it again lower with spin. It all depends on what I feel at the moment. It would probably be something that doesn’t spin that much.

Just because, you know, you wanna give it a chance to get to the pin. If you’re playing with spin it’s kinda hard to get an uphill shot. (golf ball thwacks) – I really like how John, beautiful shot, and you can see all the spin that’s got, and I really like how you open, that face is open, and I think for a lot of the amateurs the failure to open that face and allow the back edge of the club to actually bounce and glide through that– – Yeah, a lot of the pros you watch them go square and then they open the face.

– Yeah. – And keep it open, right? I know we kinda look like this. (golf ball thwacks) – Which is nice. – No, it’s a very good shot but I’m not that comfortable doing it always. Especially cause I ball my wrist.

So what I do is a open and I set the club early. And then all I feel is this. Like, this is basically like feeling this. – Yeah, the wrists aren’t really doing a lot, are they? – [Piers] Gonna slow-mo this on my phone cause this is call the shots.

– And this just shows, doesn’t it, that ultimately creating this, or using the balance, there’s a way you can do it in a swing by using the wrists. Or where you can take it out of it by opening the face and being more passive.

– Yeah, that’s just kinda how I feel. I like doing it, right? I mean, my lower body’s open. So that way I can just focus on using my arms. They’re quite forward as well. (golf ball thwacks) And it’s still shallow with plenty of spin.

It’s not like it’s being aggressive. It’s still, I get a lot of spin with a pretty simple shot. – And it’s interesting, most amateur golfers in situation, Piers, they see a tight flag and they automatically think they gotta help it up.

And then it’s dangerous. – Everybody’s thinking on this, right? – Exactly, yeah. (golf ball thwacks) – Right, so that’s what everybody starts thinking on. – [Crew Member] Wow. (Andy laughs) Good job. – Maybe you should.

– Let’s watch you play one more. Cause we’ve got Matt Wolff over there. He’s about the show us how to hit a driver. Won’t be as good as you with your driving last year by the way, obviously. – All right, all right.

– [Piers] We’re not taking Matt on, though, on a long driving test. – No, you shouldn’t. (laughing) (golf ball thwacks) – [Piers] So we’ll see this check to the right. – Beautiful. Quality, that is. – I mean, there’s loads of different shots there.

Loads of variety. – Yeah. – Do you feel, so if you’re trying to hole this, are you thinking, cause it’s a little bit left-to-right, that you’re aligning for that little check? Or would you almost be aligning for left-to-right when it hits the ground anyway? – Well, it’s a left-to-right break, so.

– If there’s no break, would you feel that the spin would be a little bit left-to-right when you hit it? – Yeah, yeah it would. I mean, as mush as you try to keep it, you know, the straight spin is very difficult.

If I was trying to make it I might go a little bit more square. – Okay. – Yeah. – C’mon then, let’s see you hit one more. – Yeah, if I got a little bit more square, I’d do the same thing but put the ball up on my stance trying to get some height.

(golf ball thwacks) And then allow for the break. – Yeah, that was good. – Obviously the odds of holing it are difficult, right? (laughing) – I love the way he’s just talking to it. He’s going, “Yeah, I’ll do this then I’ll do that, “I’ll do this in like five feet, two feet.

” – I’m a feel player. – “One foot.” It just keeps going like, you know, you’re gonna tap all those in. – Well, yeah, I mean if I were really trying to hole it that would be the way. Trying to keep it straight.

(golf ball thwacks) There we go, that might go in. – [Andy] Little bit of break. – Ah, he had it, it hit a pitch mark. Hit a pitch mark. – That’s been nice. – Shoulda fixed it. – Do me a favor, let’s do one more, have you sand me one more.

Can we put one here? What would you do here? On a slight downhill lie. – Slight? (laughing) This is a slight downhill lie? Where am I going? – Whichever one you want. – Let’s go that one over there. – Well, the only good thing, there’s Bermuda grass.

If you stay here it’s always gonna be a good lie. – [Piers] Okay. – Wow, no I feel it. – A bit higher on the face cut. You can get the ball coming open face. – Yeah, I still open the face and try to make an aggressive swing.

It’s gonna come out low. But you’re trying to spin it at this point, in that case, so. – [Piers] You see the flag on the left then? Perfect. – Like everything, it’s open and my hands are always forward.

I like to create that aggressive angle early. She’s still a bit of a hit of hope. (golf ball thwacks) – [Piers] Of course it is. – Hope, I’m hoping. (laughing) There we go. – [Piers] You just made that look ridiculously easy.

Take one more? (laughing) – I’ll let you know, I don’t wanna see any more, Piers. I feel bad about my game now. – He’s making me feel sick. If I repeat it, yeah. If I don’t, it might– – [Andy] C’mon, you can do it, then.

Now let’s just go one more. Let’s finish in style. – This is awesome. (golf ball thwacks) Oh, that’s got more spin too. That was pretty, yeah. (laughing) – Even he’s happy with that one there. Good job, great seeing you.

– Have a good time, going yeah, cheers. – Good luck next season. – Thank you. – We’ll see you in Dubai, actually, we’ll be there. – What’s the plans? What’s the season like next year? Is it a big season for you? Long season, sorry.

– It’s a long season for everybody. And between now and Ryder Cup I am getting married twice. To the same person, different countries. (laughing) – I’m trying to figure that one out. – So, yeah, I’m adding that little bit more.

You know, more and more. I’m not stressed, but a little more things to the year. So, yeah, it’s busy. We have a lot going on. Especially early on, you know? The way they’ve changed the schedule. Now you have Olympics.

It’s basically, it’s hard to really have a break. Especially after the Masters. So, looking forward to the year. – Good, good. – Don’t forget, when we see you in Dubai this year, cause we’ll be there again.

– Okay. – When you win. Then we get the invite to Augusta. Because every time we see you win, yeah? – Exactly, yeah. – Oh, okay okay. (laughing) (hands clap together) – If it happens. – That’s a deal.

If I win you have it. – There we go. – Good job. – You too. Thank you. – See you soon, yeah? Safe travels, yeah. – We hope you enjoyed that, everybody. Now, if you wanna have some more coaching from myself and Piers, we have some incredible coaching plans over at meandmygolf.

com. – Yes we do. We’ve got Break 100, Break 90, Break 80, plus our brand new iron plan. So all you have to do is click the link down below in the description to get started today.


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