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– Hello, everybody, thanks for joining us. We are here at the Floridian and we have an amazing guest. We’ve got Major champion, we have got Jason Day. – Thank you, guys. – Great to see you. – Yeah, thank you very much.

– How you doing? – I’m great, how are you guys? – Yeah, not too bad. – Really good, really good. – Enjoying yourself, a little warm, but– – It is a little warm. Yeah, it’s a little toasty out here, but it’s good, it keeps my back warm.

– Well last year we saw you and we talked bunkers. – Yes. – Which is fantastic. And putting, actually. We got two videos out of you which was great. Today we’re talking driver and what we’d like to do is really just get an insight of, sort of, how you think and what you do with a driver.

Then we’re gonna go to some questions from our followers. And then we’re gonna have a bit of a challenge at the end. I don’t know why, but we’re gonna take you on at something. – What are we doing? – If you’re up for the challenge? – I’m up for the challenge.

Anytime, no problem at all. – Okay, so we are gonna talk about your driving ’cause it is really good. I still think I’ve seen one of the best drives we ever saw at Augusta last year, the 17th, I think it was.

– Yeah, yeah. – Absolutely crushed it down there. But before we get into it, hit one for us if you can. – All right. – We’ve got TrackMan in play. – Alright, let’s see what we can produce here. – Let’s see what numbers you’ve got.

Little bit of a loose knee yeah. (ball cracks) (beep) Tidy. And you’re going with a SIM Standard there or we got a Max? – I’ve gotten the SIM Max. – Go Max, okay just a loose 122 club, 180 ball speed, 296 Carry.

– Yeah I necked it a little bit. So, but that’s good. Because I mean it kept it straight. A little right to left up there. – Yeah so you meant to neck it. – Yeah, I meant to neck it, it’s fine. – So for you with driving, what’s important for you and your technique and maybe your strategies to help you with driving? – So, early in my career, I had no clue about driving.

I actually, to a certain degree, had kind of the driver yips. And it wasn’t really yips, I just had no clue where it was going. And I had no feel or swing for it, when it came to the driver. I’m talking about early on in my career, like kinda through 2008 through kind of 2010 era.

And I would get out there and just aim and I wouldn’t really hit a shot, it’s obviously changed since then, but… My big thing now is trying to keep the club face as square as possible, because I do swing it pretty neutral.

You know what I mean? I feel like if you take a Rory who’s standing over there, he swings it kind of four or five degrees on the inside. I feel like there’s more margin for error there, and you’re able to hit a lot straighter.

For me, if I’m swinging it pretty dang neutral, and I have it open, it’s gonna probably start right and cut a little bit. If I have it with a closed face, it’s probably gonna start a little bit left and draw, so I can bring in both sides for a miss.

So, I was playing a round with it with Col, my coach, at the start of the year, and we said, “Okay well “let’s just swing it a little bit left “and try to hold that face off,” and it worked really good.

But I don’t like hitting it fade. So, now I’ve just kind of gone to the point where I’ve got one swing thought, and that’s just trying to hold my face as square as possible through impact, so I do swing it pretty neutral.

I mean, granted, there’s a setup change as well that goes with that, so if I can swing it neutral, hit it dead out of the middle, control the face. If I can swing it around 2,000 RPM spin, it’ll just come out dead straight and won’t turn at all.

– And would you say that if you do any work on TrackMan you’re sort of looking to get it around the zero for path, basically. – Yeah, that’s essentially. – Roundabout zero, it’s hard. – What happens. I don’t typically like to go.

.. I never like going this way with it. Have to feel like I’m swinging on the inside ’cause once I get to the top, and I feel like I’m swinging on the inside, I go “Oh, I’m going to hit it over there.” So I flip it and hit hooks.

And then it’s the same way if I have to do it that way. I just don’t like having a big difference from zero to one, two, three left, and vice versa the other way. – I suppose the good thing about being pretty neutral: it’s easy to go either side.

If you wanna fade it, you wanna draw it, you just sort of switch, it’s quite easy then. – Col, the way he explained it, like I was just talking to Rory over there, he likes to aim a little bit left, and feel that open push draw, and that’s what he loves to do.

For me, I’m gonna cheat it a little bit. If I’m gonna hit a cut, I’m gonna aim way left or I’m gonna aim way right if I’m gonna hit a draw, depending on how big the curve I want. So if I do that, then that makes it easier where I’m like, “Okay that feels a lot more comfortable,” and I can just go ahead and swing and hit it.

– Let’s see you hit a fade, actually. Let me see you do that. So, you can aim a little bit further left. – So, if we have the… I don’t know if you guys can see it, the palms trees that look straight through the gut.

– Yep. – I’m gonna try and start it just over that little bush just left, right? And then try and fade it back. – There’s a bit of breeze off the right as well. – Yeah, there’s a little bit of breeze off the right there.

– So sort of checking of checking it against the breeze, right? – Yeah, pretty much. (crisp golf drive) (beep) – There we go. – Just a little bit of a neck, but this kind of keeps it in play. It probably would have shown a little closed club face on that too.

– Yeah, so a little bit heel strike, so definitely is a little bit there. – I’m okay with that. – Club path was good. 4.8 to the left, that’s good. So, you’re basically playing the fade by allowing for the alignment to drop.

– Yeah, pretty much. So I’m just trying to swing as neutral as possible and have that face open a little bit. Maybe, if ever so slightly, if I wanna feel a cut swing, then I just kinda come over the top of it a little bit.

But it’s pretty dang neutral, because where I’m aiming, I’ll be swinging it pretty straight. It’s not like I’m aiming straight and then cutting across like this. – The swing doesn’t change, it’s just the alignment.

– Yeah, exactly. – So, when it goes a little off. So let’s say when your swing starts to go, what do you see that happens, and what would you say is probably a go-to drill that you’ve worked on that you really think, “Yeah, this is just “a great thing to go back to.

” – Typically what happens, my timing, especially at the top, transition gets quick, or I’m taking it back too quick. If I’m gonna miss it on the face, I’m gonna miss a toe. Probably the worst feeling ever.

You know what I mean? You’ve got no control. I mean, I miss hit those two balls before, but they’ll kind of straighten, cutting a little bit. – Edge back onto the fairway, don’t they? – Exactly, so if I’m gonna do something, I’m going to.

.. It’s really easy drill, I actually do it with a nine more so than with a driver, but what I essentially do is I put a ball behind it. And I just kind of drag nine, ’cause you can drag it better with a nine.

And I’m just trying to slow that back swing down and feel the end range and then kind of follow through from there. But it doesn’t really change too much. I’m just trying to slow the swing down, wait for it, and then just really hold that straight, square face.

– That’s a problem that amateur golfers do a lot as well. And you hear a lot of amateur golfers say you’ll slow your swing down. Well, you’ve gotta slow down in the right place. We want to obviously make sure we take our time in the back swing, take our time in the transition, but then you’re obviously firing.

– Yeah, it’s no good. If you wanna hit it hard, it’s better to just slow your swing down totally, and get center contact, and you’ll hit it further, rather than a lot of people go like this. (Ward laughing) Rip it back.

And they’ve lost all the energy that way, and they can’t get anything going back this way. – Few 120 mile an hour back swings we’ve seen, I think. – Its good, it’s interesting. Anyone watching this now, think about that back swing speed, think about that transitioning step is gonna help you.

Okay, so tell you what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna ask you some questions here. So, let’s see what we have. – From Instagram these guys are – These are from Instagram, these are – Just posted it this morning, got a load of engagement, which was good.

– There we go. – Okay, so Josemunez1996, guess when he was born? (Day laughing) “What’s your go-to shot?” – If I need to get on the fairway, I’m gonna tee down. – That’s low. – Yeah, I’ll tee down like that.

And the reasoning is, I’ll kind of thin it. And when I thin it, I add more spin. And when it spins, it’ll kind of rise a little bit. It’ll go shorter, but it’s like down the middle. – [Ward] You mean the fairway though, don’t you? – Yeah, on the fairway.

– [Proudman] Also when tee’d down, it’s quite hard to toe it, don’t you think? – Yeah, definitely. (crisp golf drive) (beep) – You see that, when you hit that one, normally you hit it miles in the air.

– Yes, exactly. And that obviously backs up as a low shot as well – Of course, of course. I wanna get in here, and I’m gonna get the spin on that one. So you normally hit it 2,000, that was 2,6. So straight away that’s exactly what you were after.

Let’s have a look, it’s still going decent distance. It’s still going 324. It’s not your longest – It’s not my longest, but, vice versa, if I was trying to… If I wanted to hit something really hard, I’m trying to hit it, kind of.

.. I’m trying to hit it in the middle, but the top of the face will get no spin if I’m trying to get something through the wind as well. – [Ward] Of course, of course. – If I get something below 2,000, and I hit it top of the face, take off a lot of spin, and it’ll go through the wind.

– I still go well doing those. Those high face ones still go a good distance. – Yeah, especially with the technology that we have in these clubs here, it’s amazing what we have in the clubs and what we can do with them.

And if you practice enough with it, you can certainly manipulate the golf ball and the club together, and hit certain shots. – Yeah, you can almost cheat it with good– – That was 600 RPM less than the ones before, so averaging around about 1,900 before.

– Perfect. – So, let’s talk about another go-to shot, then. Par five, you gotta reach it in two. It’s a little bit down wind, you wanna hit it a little bit further, a little bit higher. What do you do there? – So, obviously — – Listen now, Mate, ’cause we’re gonna have to do this in a minute, yeah? – Taking notes on this.

– Whatever he says now, we’re doing it — – So, I’m gonna start it kind of over that bunker and hit it with a draw. I’m just gonna rip at it, as hard as I can. I mean, there’s no two things about it. For me, I’m pretty much going 100% out all the time, so I’m just gonna hit a little baby draw.

– We saw you trying to hit those drones yesterday. – Yeah. (Ward laughing) So, it’ll come out a little bit higher, probably spin less hopefully. (crisp golf drive) (beep) – Nice. Exactly that. And I would say sometimes it goes even higher than that.

– Yeah, it does. I mean, I haven’t really played around with the setup for this yet, so… – 2,4, so it’s still a little bit maybe spinnier than you wanted to. – Yeah, 2,4, yeah exactly. – 330. Hang time, seven.

– I would like to get that height up around 120. 120, just because if you get no spin, you need to launch it up higher, and if you’re getting the launch, then it’ll just go up and then kinda hang a little bit and then once it hits the ground, it’ll run.

– [Ward] Yeah, it still goes a bit. – Sorry, my bloody mic. – That’s alright, that’s fine, that’s fine, no problem. Right, we’ve got one more. I’m not sure how to pronounce that. Juspratap. “How to fade and draw the ball off the target?” So we’ve done the fade already, so let’s go with the draw.

I think we know what you’re gonna say here. My question would be to you, “Would you ever “change the ball position when you’re playing for draw?” – You can, you can put it back a little bit in your stance only because it’ll get you further on the inside, but for me, I won’t really do too much.

I’m obviously going to start. I’m just going to aim a little bit right. You know what I mean? For me, it’s kinda like the way that I chip. You know, if I can just get my aiming point and have a little bit of a closed face and then feel like I’m just holding it like that through there.

It’s very similar to the way I chip. When I chip, I’m sitting there, and obviously I’m very wide, don’t have a lot of wrist hinge. So, if I’m going to open the face, and I need a little bit higher, then I just keep it there.

You know? And vice versa. If I need it a little bit lower, and I need to hit at 60 low, then I’ll just do the same thing. It’s kinda like that, to a certain degree, with the driver. – [Proudman] Interesting.

– Very simple, isn’t it? Simple adjustments. – It is, and I think so many people can make this change by just changing the setup: getting the face closed to, obviously, where they’re aiming and just swinging as normal.

That’s what the simple thing is for Jason. (crisp golf drive) (beep) – [Proudman] Yeah that was nice and that’s tight, more right. – He’s getting warmed up now. Okay, so let’s just look at the curve on that one.

And did you say that was heel as well? – A little bit. – Okay, so curve on that one, yeah, so 76 feet of curve. So, that was some decent curve on that for a draw. Like you say, wind’s right to left. – Yes – Andy, what’ve we done? We’ve suitably warmed him up, haven’t we? – We’ve warmed him up, ready to just thrash us – Warmed me up nicely there, lads, shall we get some drivers — – Let’s have a little challenge, then, so let’s.

.. – So you’re on Standard or you’re on Max, sorry? – I’m on Max. – You’re on Max. – What’re you guys gonna do? – [Ward] I think I’m gonna go Standard, we hit a couple. – Hold on, what is the challenge? – Well, I think we go longest.

.. Longest carry or total? – Let’s go total, ’cause we can maybe hit one of them — (Ward laughing) – Do you want me to go or you want me to go last? – Yes, I think go last, because I don’t wanna see yours too early.

(Day laughing) – Okay, okay, okay. – [Ward] Okay, Andy you gonna go first? – I’ll go first, ’cause you went first yesterday. I’m trying the Max, I’ve had a few shots with it. – [Day] You haven’t even had a warmup either, boys.

– No, no no. Do we get one? Or do you want me to just go for it? – [Day] You can get one, go for one. – [Ward] Depends whether it’s a good one or not. If it’s a good one, I might just keep it in the bank.

– Yeah (laughs) fair enough. – Or should we just have two shots? Should we do two shots each? – [Proudman] Let’s go two shots. – Two shots each, and we’re going total. – [Day] That’s your first. – [Ward] There you go.

(laughs) Okay, and I’m right in the way. I’m gonna go two shots. Two shots, then. (Proudman grunts) – I think the challenge should be who can hit a shot and not get injured. I think that’s what we should do.

– What did you say before, then, it’s the old man injured? – You guys might have me on that one. (Ward laughing) – [Proudman] Now I’m gonna pull lats on this one. (silence, bugs buzzing) (crisp golf drive) – Oh, that’s pretty decent there.

Good little warmup, little 113.9, straight out of the gate. – What 113, where are ya? – That’s slow. Straight out of the gate. – [Ward] 314 total. All right, that needs to be another 20 on that record.

– Actually, you know what I should have done. I should have done a left-handed challenge. My left hand vs. your right hand. (everyone laughing) I’m joking. I do actually hit a good left-handed shot. (Proudman murmuring) – [Proudman] Right, it’s this one then, Piers.

– [Ward] Come on, then. (crisp golf drive) (Proudman exhales) – [Ward] Little faster, a little toe-y. – [Day] Yeah, a little toe-y I think. – [Ward] 115. – [Day] 115’s better. That’s gonna run a lot further.

– (Each in turn) 320. – Nice job there, nice job. Good job. – Can we put you off when you do yours, Jason? – You can do whatever you want. – [Ward] I’m sure we can talk about the rugby. – Don’t talk about the rugby.

(laughs) – [Ward] You can talk about the cricket. (everyone laughing) – I actually think you looked quite angry there when I said that. – Did I really? – No hard feelings for you. – Yeah, I know. – All right, let’s have a practice swing, maybe.

Let’s try one of those. – I think you should, Piers. (club whistles) – [Day] Ooh, he’s going a little draw action. – [Proudman] Oh, he is, yeah. (club whistles) – All right. (crisp golf drive) (Ward groans) Ah, that was left.

– Get the bad one out of the way – Ho, 114 though. – 114, that’s a good start. – So who hits it longer out of you two? – My speed is faster, so probably me. (Day and Proudman laughing) – After yesterday.

– Okay. – I was up to 120 on Monday, actually. – Oh you were? – I was 120. – Oh dang, that was fast. – We’ve lost seven mile per hour from last year. – Ah yeah, you’re right. – All right, here we go. – Come on then, Piers, you’ve got a good one mile an hour left in there.

(crisp golf drive) – [Day] There we go. A little neck. – [Proudman] Yeah a little necky, but I think then we’re set. – 115.6, Piers – 115 That’s gonna go about 270-something, right, carry? – Come on, give me that.

– 266. – 266. – [Ward] Ah geez, 295? – [Proudman] Yes, 295. – [Ward] Terrible. – [Proudman] That’s all right. – Yeah, you’ve gotta get it in the middle, haven’t you? – Yeah. – Using the whole face there, mate.

– The speed was good, though. – It was better. Alrighty. – Just an easy one for us, just don’t embarrass us. – What were you, Andy? – 320. – 320, that’s pretty good. – 320, you gotta hit a good one. – Don’t forget, it’s me and my golf first, he’s Jason Day.

– All right, all right, I get two shots, right? – You get two. – Two. – Hopefully, I only need one. (crisp golf drive) – He only needs one. – He is the best one. 121 speed straight out. What we got? He embarrassed us there Andy, I think.

– Yep. – 319, agh, 326. – 326 – [Ward] So, that tells me that the ball is just falling out of the sky. – [Day] 2,000 spin. (all talking at once) – [Proudman] A little high on that, isn’t it? – [Day] Yeah, I mean, I’m hitting down on it a little bit, so if I can get that attack angle from about one.

One would be perfect for me. – Normalized, 331. So we got a bit into it here. – Let me hit one more. (silence, bugs buzzing) (crisp golf drive) – There you go. – That’s the one. That’s the one we saw on the 17th at Augusta, Andy.

– I might have hit that a little bit too on the face here. We’ll see. – Oh, it’s in there. 308. Yeah, you must have been — – [Proudman] 329. – [Day] Yeah. – [Ward] Jason. Good effort. – [Day] Yeah, sorry boys.

(laughs) – [Ward] Well done. Very, very good. – [Proudman] That was a very sensible challenge to do that was, Piers. Was that your idea? – I have no idea. – Guys, hope you’ve enjoyed that. Please make sure you post any comments down below.

Thanks again, Jason. – Yeah, no worries. – And also, Jason, what’re we gonna do? – If you like, please like or subscribe down below. Yeah, that’s what I gotta say. – Or do both. – Or do both, exactly.

– Thanks mate, cheers. – Thanks a lot. – Thank you, Jason.


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