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– Today, we’re gonna share with you Golf Mistakes that drive us crazy. – Yeah, if you can avoid these simple mistakes, it’s gonna make a massive impact on your score. – Hi everybody, welcome to MEANDMYGOLF, we’re your coaches, Andy and Piers.

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– This one drives us crazy, stop hitting the wrong club. So, the biggest thing that we would see when golfers are hitting irons, is that they come up short, because they hit the wrong pub, they’re always hitting not enough close.

So, we know that you’ve hit that 7 iron, that went at 165 yards, but guess what? We have probably downhill, downwind, firm ground, it ran 20 yards, that’s not what you should be judging as your normal consistent distance.

So, the key for you is, really, understanding how far your hit is. Maybe you need to go get a fitting, maybe you need to play some golf and note down what your yardages are. Because on this hole here the 18th of the esprit, we got a 161 yards to the flag.

Okay. So, it’s a nice little 7 iron, but it’s into the wind, then you gotta go 140 yards to clear that water, so you need to understand, that if you think you hit your seven iron 165, and you probably don’t, you’re probably gonna end up short in water, because we still missed tee, and done a lot of videos as you know by now, and I think we have seen so many golfers hit good shots but end up in the water.

– And it’s easy to let the ego take over, you know, you’re standing with your playing partner, he pulls an 8 iron out, you go, I got an 8 iron as well and ego can get in the way. And then, it clouds your judgment on what you should do.

So, having a real good clarity on really how far you carry the club, that’s the important thing. How far does it carry? But then, thinking about, really, what do you need to get it there. – Yeah, absolutely.

So, look in this instance, here we know, we’ve got 140 to clear the water, 161 to the flag, it’s into the wind a little bit, it’s downhill, so you’re gonna make a little bit of adjustments. But for me, it’s a 7 iron normally for 161 shots, it would probably an 8 iron, so, I’m already clubbing one thing up.

And here’s the big thing that we would like you to do. Obviously yes, find out how far you hit your golf shots, but the second thing is just hit one more club. Next time you play golf, hit one more club, and see what happens.

So, 7 iron Andy, we’ve already got a lot of golf poles on the green. – We have. – Done a bit of practice, so we should be easy. – At the back of green as well. All the trouble is generally short. – It’s amazing that even there, the winds, it’s climbed a little bit on me, but because it’s enough club, it better be pin high.

Oh! There we go. – It’ll be, it’ll be. – Yeah, it’ll be. – Stop being so negative. Nobody cares that you had a three put on six, nobody cares that you sliced it out of bounds down the 12th, and nobody really wants to play with somebody with a negative attitude.

And this holds so many golfers back, you have to be careful of how you speak and act on the golf course. Let’s give you a few examples. The guy who steps onto the tee, looks down the fairway and says, I hate this hole, this is my nemesis hole, I never make a par here, I never hit the fairway, I always slice it to the right on this hole.

Well, firstly that’s a lie. You don’t always do that, but we tend to build up this picture in our mind. Anyway. And how you speak will influence how you feel. And how you feel will then influence how you play.

So, you have to be careful of the words you actually choose. So, when you are faced, if this is you, if you are faced with that situation, get to the hole, change the way you speak. Say that, I love this hole.

This is a great challenge. But reframe in a positive or more neutral way. And secondly, if you don’t like a hole on the Golf course, go out there and play again and again, so you can have some positive experiences.

But if you change the way you speak, and get out there, and practice it, it’s gonna help change the way you play. – Sure is. Now, how would you like to play with the angry golfer? Probably not. Because the angry golfer is so frustrating to play golf with.

Now, you’ve also got to ask yourself, who actually plays good golf when they’re angry. It’s very difficult to focus on the shot needed if you’re throwing clubs around, and slamming them into the ground.

There’s no real points, from a performance point of view, on why you would want to be angry playing golf, and you definitely won’t have many friends when you’re playing golf, if you’re the angry golfer.

So, here’s a quick tip for you on this one. Let’s just say you’ve hit your shot, you have dunked it in the water, your thinking your gonna slam you club into the ground, but you’re gonna say to yourself, hold on, the thing that I’m gonna do after every shot is, as soon as I hit the shot is, I’m gonna put it into my bag, take care with it as it goes in, gently put it in and then ask yourself, are you still angry? Do you still wanna do something? – And take a deep breath? – And you might as well kick that bag over at that point, but you know what? We are pretty sure that you’re gonna be less angry on the golf course.

– Are these mistakes sounding familiar? If they are, leave a comment down below, let us know which you do the most and we’ve got a couple more left to come. If you enjoy this videos as well, make sure you hit the like button.

– So, number three, stop listening to your playing partners, unless it’s your golf coach. So, if your playing partners, they’re trying to help you of course, if you’re playing badly, but if they’re giving you advice, it’s probably based on what they see, and maybe they’re not exactly qualified as a golf coach.

Or they’re probably giving you advice based on what they’re being told which works for them, so the chances of that actually working for you are remote. It doesn’t mean you totally ignore it, after the game you can think about it, and maybe talk to your golf coach about it.

But to put into operation straightway, based on what they say, is a big no-no. Think of this as well, if you’re playing bad, and all three playing partners help you out, you could have 28 different swing thoughts by the time that you’re finished.

So you just make sure what you play, you stick to your game plan, you stick to what you know, and you make sure you don’t listen to them, but maybe consider what they say after the round, but definitely take your time if you’re gonna work with.

– Keep your head still. Keep the left arm straight. Don’t try to get it too high. – Slow slow, low and slow. (laughing) – How the hell are you gonna hit a good shot after all those? No chance. Don’t be an idiot in the rough.

This one does drive us crazy, I’ve got 280 yards to go and I can barely see the flag. The ball is sitting down. and I can barely see golf ball, it is not a 3-wood. So, if you’re in this situation, just because it’s a long way, it doesn’t mean you need a long club, you need to let the lie dictate the club.

Now, if I look at that there, for me to get the ball out and back in play and safe, it’s probably a wedge. Maybe even a sand wedge, it is not a 3-wood, and we see golfers do this all the time. Piers, they go, oh, it’s a long way, let’s get my 3-wood.

Yeah, I will be able to get it out of there, no problem, and they ended up topping it 20 yards, and then they have another tricky shot. And this where it goes all wrong. – I don’t even wanna talk about it, because it just happens.

I didn’t swore then, but it really does pay me off. – Okay. – What’s the point? What’s the point? But you’re an idiot so go on. – I am an idiot and I am gonna play this shot, and I am gonna redo my best to see if I can produce a good one here, ’cause this is what we see so often, and I’m a fairly skilled golfer, Piers.

Fairly, but I am still an idiot. (laughing) – That’s actually a good shot. (laughing) – It’s actually back in play, but it has gone about 20 yards, 25 yards there. If I’d have hit my wedge, I could be back in play little further down there, and safe there.

But that just shows, do not be an idiot in the rough. – Stop being stupid! So there’s a famous quote by Tom Kite where he says, a bogey is a bad shot, a double bogey is a bad shot followed by a stupid shot.

So we need to understand that, in this exact situation, I’ve got a 110 yards to the 17th green here, the esprit, there’s a tree in the way but doesn’t matter. – You can get over there Piers. – I get over there with a cap witch.

– You can get over there, no problem. – 110 yards, cap witch, this my forte, I can get it high, I can get it up over the tree. Guess what? That is just stupid. So, look, the chances are you probably gonna either knife it into the tree, or hit the top of the tee drop down, double triple bogey.

So, what we need to understand is, what I am going to do, because my shot that I hit now, has to set up the next shot to give me the best chance of the lowest score. So, I could chip it out if I wanted to, but I’ve be working pretty hard at my 50 yards shots, I am gonna hit it down there, but, hang on a bit, if I hit a low hook, with my 6 iron, and get it against the right to that slope, I could probably get the front.

– You could, couldn’t you? (laughing) – Well, guess what? That’s probably a stupid show as well. Okay, so all I’m gonna do here is I am gonna make sure I can get it back on the ferry around about that 80 yards, but here’s another stupid shot that we see, I’m chipping out, Andy, so what club do I use for that? My chipping club.

– Well, you would think so. You’d wedge, wouldn’t you? This is where people go wrong. – They’re gonna hit that tree there, in front of them, again it’s gonna drop down, so, it’s an 8 iron for me, land on the fairway, get it running some 50 yards short of the green, and hopefully I can get up and down from there, if I don’t, it’s okay.

But guess what? It was a bogey and not a double bogey. – So, if you hit a bad shot like you just hit to here, don’t follow it with another bad shot, do what Piers has done there, look, he’s chipped it out, he is back in play, and he’s avoided being stupid.

– Probably hold that for birdie, actually. – Good shot, my love. – Guys, hope you enjoy that look. – I am in your way. – Sorry Piers! (laughing) – Hope you enjoyed that, now what you have to remember is, I don’t remember what I am supposed to say.

(laughing) – But carry on, anyway. – Let us know in the comments down below which one of those were you. Which one of those are you Piers? – Probably quite few of them actually. – He was definitely the stupid one, definitely the stupid one.

Let us know in the comments down below. Now also if you wanna have some more coaching with myself and Piers, and you wanna go deeper, and you wanna improve your game this year, make sure you check out MEANDMYGOLF.

COM. Where we’ve got numerous coaching plans to help your game, we’ve got so much planned for this year, we know it’s gonna help you. Click the link in the description down below, and we will see you soon.


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