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– So thank you for joining us everybody, we’re here at the Floridian and we have a very special guest we’ve got 2017 Walker Cup winner, 2018 number one amateur in the world, and PGA Tour winner in 2019.

Sounds great doesn’t it. – That’s amazing. – Look at that. – Collin Morikawa. – Good to see you. – Hey Collin, thanks for joining us. – Thanks guys. – How’s things? – Uh, they’re great. I mean you can’t complain when you’re traveling around the world, playing the sport you love.

You know, just trying to play the best golf. So I love it, I love being a part of it. – And day’s like today really help don’t they? – Yep. – Really cool day. – They’re fantastic. – Okay, so look we’ve been doing our research, we’ve seen obviously it’s very quick your rise, obviously to where you are now, but your irons we know are phenomenal.

So we wanna pick your brains a little bit find out what makes you tick. Get you to play a few different shots, we’ve got three flags on the green luckily here, and we’ve got a question from one our viewers, and also Andy, are we gonna do this? – Well we should, we should.

– We’re gonna take him on at the end. – I don’t know why. – We’re gonna take him on at the end. – We gotta take him on. – Two against one. Okay, but so for your irons, obviously they are very strong. Do you feel they’re the strongest part of your game? – Definitely.

– Okay, perfect. – I mean I’ve known it forever. – You’ve known that forever. – It’s a part of my game that I trust. And hopefully it stays like that. – Okay. So what in your iron game, what’s the most important thing for you? – Just knowing your shot shape.

Knowing how it’s gonna react off the face, where it’s going. I want full control, I love to play the fade left right, fallen down, you know, I’m gonna play 95 out of 100 shots like that. You know, unless you really have to play a draw.

And for me it’s just, that’s what you want every club to be like, you wanna have full control on the ball, but for me, you wanna be able to work trajectories, move the ball, whether it’s left to right, right to left, you wanna have every shot in the bag.

– Creativity’s, you mentioned that off camera, it’s really important for you. – Yeah, being creative, that’s kinda my word that I’ll tell myself you know, pre-tournament almost, it’s let’s just be creative this week.

And it doesn’t mean you have to do anything weird, or hit shots you know, you don’t practice. It just means lets see it, let’s visualize it, and be positive from there. – You can just play then, like you say, you can play freely then from there can’t you? – Exactly.

You know, we’re not thinking swing thoughts, we’re just, we’re playing to the shot you see. Whatever you see behind the ball, it’s what you’re gonna do. – [Andy] Brilliant. – Sounds good. – [Andy] Well shall we see Collin hit the shot? – Yeah let’s see it.

– And then, I would like to see Collin hit the shot. We’ve got three flags on here, can we go for the second one Collin which is 164. – Second on the right. – Perfect. – So you’re probably gonna play a little cut in there like you say.

– A little cut, I mean this is a perfect little choke down eight iron, wind’s a little off our right, so it just matches everything with a little cut, hold it up against the wind, you don’t have to work on trajectory at all.

– We’re not going for that flag in the middle spit, yeah? – No we’re not. (all laugh) – I think you guys should. – We’ll go in that back left draw. (talking indistinctly) – 20 yard hook, yeah. – Yeah very nice.

And that’s exactly what you’ve done, a little cut against the breeze, held it up… Keep watching it. Bit of adrenaline there, that would have be excited that you will have gone in honestly. So in terms of golf swing then, obviously you don’t like to get too technical, you mentioned you wanna be free and creative, what are the things that if it goes off that you would focus on from a technique side of things? – Yeah, I think, well back swing for me, especially like I like to play fades out, I’ll get, almost pick it up, you know, instead of turning every one, you wanna make sure you rotate get that full body turn, my arms will kinda go up, I’ll just put a glove in between my arm, simple drill, just makes your turn, stays there, let it go from there.

That’s on the back swing. Down swing, not much, but I do like to think about where I’m gonna finish on my head, you know. When I’m about top of my ear, that’s neutral. If I’m hitting a really high cut, I’ll finish higher.

Draws I’ll finish lower. For me, I exit a little lower than most… Other guys, and for me, just thinking about the finish. You don’t have to worry about everything here, you’re just reacting to the target, whether you know, I’mma hit a draw I’m gonna finish low, I’m gonna hit a cut, finish high.

You know, for me that just gets everything from the down swing, through the ball, outta my mind, I can be creative from there. – Isn’t that great cause that’s– – Working to that shot. – We speak about that a lot, about you let your finish determine the ball flight.

– 100%. That’s something that, you know, I’ve noticed in Asia right? I was finishing a little too low, and come back, and simple fixes. You know, will make the ball just change enough. – I’m just gonna grab a glove.

– If you don’t mind? – Yeah. – I’d love you to demonstrate this drill, because I think a lot of people at home can relate to this, most amateur golfers tend to struggle with something that legs to the right, and it’s easy to get separated with his arms is what you do.

If you could demonstrate that, and just show the viewers at home, that’d be brilliant. – Yeah, let’s see you hit one. – Yeah, and you don’t have to have a full full turn if you can’t get there, but stay wide.

.. And that’s, you wanna stay wide, make sure you turn, and just keep this right underneath the left armpit and just worry about it on the back swing, that’s it. – So it stays in on the back swing, does it stay on in through swing? – No, cause I mean after impact I’m opening up here We don’t have to worry about that.

– Maybe on a draw it may every now and then, but… – Yeah, exactly. But for my normal shot, you know, there’s nothing wrong with it coming out after. – And that’s right at it again. – Hey maybe you should stick the glove in there more often.

That’s even closer than the other one. – Nice. – We can see how it came out afterwards, that was really cool wasn’t it? As you said. – Yeah, and I think– – You don’t have to worry about it, this is mainly a back swing drill, cause you know, when you pick it up, you see amateurs pick it up, come across, come over the top, and then that’s you know a shot they hate cause you don’t want it swinging too much left to right.

– So for you it’s just managing the amount of that you’re doing it isn’t it? Still making sure the path is left, but really managing it, keeping it with the turn as well on the arms. – Definitely. And if I’m cutting it too much, you know like I did towards the end of this summer, I’ll just start working draws, and just think low.

Think lower finish, kind of balance everything out, and then go back to hitting the cuts. – So it’s almost like say, if you were slicing here and hooking here, if you start to go a little bit too much towards the slice, although you’re not slicing it, you’ll just put a bit of draw in just to balance you out almost, neutralize yourself.

– Yeah. Just you know, you see the ball working the other way. And then when you go back to hitting the regular shots it’ll be perfectly fine. – Okay, okay. I think we need to– – One of the things we were gonna get you to do was to play a fade to that flag, but I think we need to change it up.

Should we go like a… Back flag draw? – I think so. It’s perfect for that isn’t it. – So what’s it, 176 that flag? – 176 to that back flag. – So this is interesting, can you go same club for this, because of the wind and the fact it’s a draw.

– Yeah, definitely. And I think it makes sense, I mean you have a lot of green to the right, you know, if you’re gonna miss, you’re gonna miss out right, short, you’re still gonna be on the green. If you hit it really good, draws with the wind, it’s gonna be right there next to the pin.

– So we’re talking 10 yards extra in distance, but obviously using the wind and using a different ball flight to allow for it. – And do you change set up, or do you focus more on swing here? – I like to close my stance a little bit, start my body and everything a little right of where I wanna start it, club face at the target, swing along my feet.

And that’s the same with the fade, I like to just open up the body a little bit, have the club face up the target. But you know for fades, it just comes naturally. For draws, you know, I almost think, when I watch Rory hit the ball and draw the ball, it is amazing.

And to just think of his swing, you know, almost just get something in me to hit that shot. So yes I’m thinking about hitting it low, but in my practice swings I’m like, you know, let’s feel what Rory does, Rory has a great, lets it come underneath a little bit, you know naturally just rotates to the ball, so that’s what I’m thinking, when I’m over the ball, just a little lower finish.

– Lovely. – It would be nice if all you needed to do was think of Rory’s golfing and you could produce it. – Close your eyes, computer in, there you go. – Yeah, no it all just helps hit that little draw, and that’s all you need it’s not like we’re tryna hook the ball here.

– No, no. It’s interesting that you definitely put a lot of visuals into the feel as well don’t you? So that’s… – Yeah, it’s a big part in, I gotta see it, but I also gotta feel it. – Okay. Beautiful, soft little draw.

– Very nice. – It actually banks down from there, so this could end up really close. Ah, it didn’t even kick in, I was expecting that to kick in. – I was a little short. – It’s a tough flag that as well Piers.

– Really good. – It is really tough. – It’s interesting though looking at your goal swing, cause you know, we were looking at your golf swing this morning obviously a little bit closer. And you know you look at things like the set up for you, and there’s a few things going on, so the grip is you know different to what some people would do, and I think we find that a lot.

The right foot position, is very square, and almost kicked in a little bit. – Yeah. – Is that purposeful. – Ah no, it’s something that’s kinda always just built in, and sometimes I catch myself too much, toes in, and I gotta bring it out.

But yeah, for me that’s what kind of feels comfortable, I’ve always swung like that. Grip wise, you know, I’ve got everything pretty close, you can see my left thumb, but that’s what I’ve always done and why change that? – I think it’s definitely a trait on, you think about some, we know some accurate golfers who grip it a little bit like that as well, so maybe that’s the way to grip it for straight– – Yeah definitely, yeah.

– For straight shots. – Whatever you’re doing, there’s more than one way isn’t there, really it’s finding something that works for you, that’s consistent, which obviously it is. – Yeah. I mean, when I think back through my college days, like my swing definitely changed.

But there was something that I always thought about, and it wasn’t analytical within you know, the impact range, it was that finish, or it was something, just a little take away. Simple, simple thoughts, has always done it for me.

– So let’s go to this question shall we we have? So from Marvin, he’s saying, “What is your practice routine on the range and the golf course?” It’s a little bit broad obviously, but you’ve already said about the creativity, but what do you specifically do maybe before you go out and play on the range? – Uh, like in a tournament? – Yeah.

– I think for tournament wise, I’ll start out with my 55 degree wedge, hit some chip shots, hit some pitch shots, go out, you know, hit some numbers, and then I like to go to my eight iron, I go straight to my eight iron, it’s my favorite club, thanks for picking out (mumbles) (Piers and Andy laugh) – Defintitely not A type.

– We did that on purpose, we researched it to you know. (Piers and Andy laugh) – But yeah, I’ll do my eight iron, hit some straight shots, and work a little cut. Then I’ll go to my five iron, and that’s where I’ll kinda work it both ways, I’ll hit cuts, straight shots, draws, I’ll hit a couple of each.

Move on from there to three wood. Just, you know, sight lines, pick a little fairway, hit it from there, and then driver. And then I’ll go back to a club that I’ll use for the first tee, and from there I’ll do the wedges, just chip a couple 60 degree wedges.

But practice wise, like, when I’m on the range I don’t like to just eat balls and hit the same shot, I almost like to play a course in my head, so just say… you know, my next event is Maui. You know, and the Century Tournament Champions.

I’ll think of that course, if I played the course, and I will play it on the range, and I’ll be 18 under hopefully. – Yeah, there we go. – Yeah yeah, absolutely. – But yeah, I think that just helps my creativity, helps me visualize the shots.

And whether I hit those shots or not on the actual tournament, you probably won’t. But it helps. – But it’s different to a wide open driving range isn’t it? – Yeah. It narrows your target, makes you really focus, and hit a shot kinda under pressure.

– Love it, I love it. – Yeah. – I think anyone listening to this now, watching this, they should definitely be doing that when they’re on the practice area. – Yeah, some great useful tips there, and a great insight into what the best players in the world actually think about with their irons, and what’s important for it as well.

Some beautiful shots today again, no sort of practice really, just straight out, and pulled them off. Right. – Challenge time. – We’re gonna have a challenge, we are gonna have a challenge now. We’re gonna take Collin on to the first flag, he hasn’t gone for that yet, so we’re hoping that he might need a bit more warming up for that, we’re gonna get Sean down there to go and film it, so let’s go.

We’re gonna let Collin set the marker, because I think then we know what we’ve gotta beat. – Yeah go on then. – 152, how you feeling Piers? – What do you guys have? – I got nine. – I’ve got Sam Wedge.

(Collin laughs) You got wedge? Or nine? – We’ll find out after I hit it. – Oh, I like it. – [Andy] Anyway, thanks for watching the video and we’ll see you next week. – Is there any point in actually..

. Oh, get in! – Okay, well that’s about a foot away. – All right, I love it. – Shall we just… We actually need a hole in one to win. – Oh wow. – We need a hole in one to win Piers. – Go on then, I’ll get in there.

Jeez. To be fair. – Great shot. – Great shot. Go away. (Piers and Andy laugh) – You’ve got it. – Yeah. – There’s some room. – Oh it’s all part of the act. – Might be a little past. – Yeah I wonder how far that, we never got Sean with the walkie talkie did we? – No we didn’t.

But I think we don’t need to, yeah. – Yeah guys, it’s close. – So what you got, you got nine still? – Yeah, I’m gonna go nine. – Okay, good luck then Piers. – All right, let’s see what we’ve got shall we.

– [Andy] What do you think of his swing Collin? – I like it, not bad as a compact. – Compact’s another word for old, and stiff. – Who’s the better player? – Me. He’ll say the same thing though. – Oh no, I’ve gone a little bit hard on the face.

– It’s gonna work, that is. – Go! – That’s gonna work. Oh, nice shot Piers. – Good shot. – Nice shot. – Yeah a little hard in the face. – It’s like eight feet. Spongy, this grass. – It’s not good enough though is it? – I mean I hit a great shot, I would take that all day.

– I’m just gonna drive– – How we gonna know? I mean, I still think we need to do a measure obviously. – Just to check. – Just look over there for the next five minutes. Come on then Andy. – I’ve never had a hole in one, so this would be a nice opportunity to do it.

– Never, he keeps talking about, it’s gonna happen on camera and I think it might. – Do you have a hole in one? – Three, three. – Okay. – You’ll get one here. – Don’t rub it in. Come on, kick off that bank.

– Come on then, go left. – Kick off the bank. – Take a slope. – Ah bunker. – How many you had, hole in ones? – Three. – Three, same as me. – Oh, check that out. (all laugh) – Have you really? – Not many.

– That’s not a lot, for someone who’s a good iron player like you, but obviously you’ve had a lot of tap ins. – I’ve had three. Yeah, I mean the last one was a practice hit at Walker Cup, so that was kinda cool.

– I’m assuming he’s won then yeah, you’re not even gonna check that? – I mean there’s no reason to check Piers, I mean he won straight away to be fair. – Sean, whose won? – He’s stalling them. – Ah. That one by your foot? Ah okay, thanks.

Well done (laughs) Congrats. Well done, well done, very good. – Thanks guys. – Cheers Collin. – Thank you so much for watching, hope you enjoyed that video. Collin, what have they gotta do? – You’ve gotta make sure to like, and subscribe, to Me and My Golf.

– There we go. – Man, look at that. – Don’t forget we’ve got some amazing guests over the next few weeks so you won’t wanna miss it, thanks for watching. Now if you wanna hit your irons like Collin, we have just launched our brand new Iron Coaching Plan, where we actually coach you to become an amazing iron player.

– Absolutely, all you have to do is click the link down below, and you’ll be just like Collin. Thanks for watching, see you soon.


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