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All Great Wedge Players Do This! | ME AND MY GOLF

All Great Wedge Players Do This! | ME AND MY GOLF

– Today I’m going to be showing you how I’m working one of the hardest areas of the game to help you dial in your wedges. – Yes, Piers does need a little bit of help with his wedge play and we’re gonna show you how he’s gonna improve it today.

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We’re gonna work, do these every single week to help your game. Now, Piers, let’s talk wedges. Let’s talk about your wedges specifically, – Yeah. – ’cause we’re gonna really, we’re gonna improve them today.

– See, let’s start with my wedge matrix. So, I have five wedges sometimes when I’m playing. So, pitching wedge, 52, 56, 60, and then sometimes a 64 goes in the bag. Now, the reason for this is that I just like hitting full shots with these clubs.

So, for a 6 iron, a 7 iron, or a 52 or a 56, I want to be putting pretty much the same swing on that so it can go the yardage that I want it to. Now, obviously the problem with that is what about if I have a yardage which is less than my full length yardage? Or I’ve got to hit it a little bit low because of the wind.

So, I’m a little bit limited and maybe a little bit one dimensional. Although is a strength of mine, it also becomes a little bit of a weakness. – Yeah, so what we’re gonna do today is explore hitting some of the different shots.

Maybe the same club, different distances, so he’s got more tools to be faced on the golf course, so he can hit some different shots. And, we’ve all been there, you know. When let’s say you, let’s talk about you actually, Piers.

Let’s say you’ve got 110 yards. – Yes. – And we know that your 56 goes about 105. – Yeah. – You would much prefer to try and squeeze a harder 56. – Get five yards more. – Five yards more and blast it, than hit let’s say a soft 52.

– Yeah! – Which is what what we’re gonna do today. But sometimes hitting these wedges super hard isn’t the most efficient way. So, what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna explore. We got a 100 yard shots here to the flag.

We’ve already done his shots. He hits his sandwich 56, and he hits his 52, 120 yards. – My sandwich goes 105, not 56 by the way. – Oh, sorry. – That’s a loft (laughs). – Sandwich goes 56 that’s a loft, 105 yards.

So, we’ve got 105 and 120, the flag is 100 yards and we’re gonna make him use a 52. So this is really going to test him out. – Just horrible. What are you doing? – We got Trackman to see what numbers he’s gonna get.

But he’s gonna talk through what he’s feeling, what he’s doing to create these numbers to hopefully help you. Then we’re gonna test him at the end as well. – I think this is a pointless test ’cause I’m never gonna be doing this when I’m on the golf course.

But, no actually, I would be, and this is something that I would want to be better at. And if there was into wind here, or if it was a different kind of green complex where I want to run a little bit, then I need to be looking at these type of shots, ’cause often I’ll be hitting 56 degree as hard as I can and it will spin back off the fronts of the green, which is very frustrating.

– Okay. – Okay, so I’m gonna hit a few, shall I? – Yeah you a couple of shots. – 100 yard shot, yeah? – And we’ll just see how close you can get first, under the gun, under the pressure, this is what we like.

Trackman here to show, show the results. (thwack of the ball) – A little right. – What’d you think of distance there? – I actually – Let’s just test you out there. – pretty good. Yeah, I think it would have pitched a little bit short.

I think it’s pitched around about 95. You’ll be well impressed with me on that. – 93 that was good, 93 not bad. – Uh, I actually pitched it short with a 52. Yes! A new golfer. – Overdone it there, Piers.

– (laughs) Yeah I’ve over done it. – And the key thing is being able to repeat it consistently and this is like – Ah, no, no, no, new for him. As long as you do it once that’s all that matters. – This is new for him, so, let’s have a couple more.

(thwack of the ball) – I pulled that one a little bit and that’s when I would feel that I’ve begun it softer. I feel that that’s probably the shot. I think the yardage might be okay. – Okay, let’s have a look.

– 98? – That was 100. – 100? – 100, yeah. – Okay, yeah. But I pulled it and that’s what I feel that I would probably get and I think this is why I stay away from it, if that’s– – So you feel you could control the line better when it’s harder as well? – Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sometimes when you’re hitting it harder, for me, it’s definitely easier to control the line. – Okay, hit me one more and then we’re just gonna talk about it. – Okay. (thwack of the ball) – That was pretty decent.

– Yeah I think that was nice. – Maybe a little short looking at the flight. – Okay, let’s take a look. – 97 maybe, 97. – 93 – Oh. – 93 – Quite wrong. – So, let’s talk about it then, so for you guys who are struggling with it as well, Piers what are you doing in order to create less distance, – Yes.

– with a less lofty club, basically. – Yeah. – What are you doing? – Okay, so the first thing, look we’ve all heard about holding the club further down. So choking down. Now that obviously reduces the radius of the swing so we can take the speed out of it.

But what it does is, what I think, more so than anything, is it changes the intention of the golfer. As soon as you choke down your mind says straight away, I’m not hitting full out. So now you’re in a mindset of being a little bit more controlled and trying to the control pace, as opposed to create the pace.

If that makes sense. – Yeah. – So that’s the first thing. The next thing I’m really looking towards doing is– Well, can I shorten the backswing and shorten the through swing? So as opposed to my hands going, you know, up by my head, it’s almost like I want to get my hands on the backswing on my shoulder.

And then from there, I’m feeling that I’ll be shouldering my way through, but I’ll probably go a little bit further just because of the momentum. But it will definitely be a shorter finish as well. So if we take swing off here and swing off here, – Yeah.

– we’re gonna take the speed out for sure. – Okay, perfect, so let’s hit one of those and let’s take a look at that length. And this is just something to explore. A lot of people find it very hard to shorten the golf swing down.

But if you’re somebody who likes to hit it hard– – Okay, there’s a left one. – There’s a left one. If you’re somebody that likes – Twenty feet but– – to hit it hard, shortening the swing is not a bad thing, and the speed was higher on that one, the ball speed, because of the uh, – More shot face.

– Yeah, because of the face. So that was 107 as well. – 107, yeah, so there ya go. And that would be the one that would scare me, and maybe make me go, ooo, I’m not doing that again. But you know what, that’s just the way it is, isn’t it? – Okay, then we hit one more.

– One more? – Let’s see one more then, Piers. – Okay, so if I just remedy that– – There’s a bit of spice around that flag by the way. – (stutters) This green is very small. I think you’ll find on that camera down there that that one’s around about 10 feet, maybe a little bit less.

– Yeah, if that was ten (stutters) ten feet is an interesting ten feet from there, Piers. (Piers laughs) Okay, go one then, one more. – One more. – Let’s see if you can get as close. (thwack of the ball) – And a little bit left, but it’s nice.

– Yeah, that was good. That was definitely a smooth, I like that, ’cause that’s definitely, even though you’re not necessarily trying to hit it smoother or softer, it looks more in control, which normally Piers, I’m seeing him drive those legs, lean that shaft and hit it dead hard.

– So what was that, that was probably about 103? – 104 – 104 So, here’s an interesting one for you as well. Understand this. Did a video on this just the other day. If the golf ball goes left, you’re a right handed golfer and it goes left, the face is probably more closed, which means it’s stronger, so on your shorter irons especially, it’s going to go further.

If go right, the face is more open, it’s gonna finish up a little bit short, as these ones here have done. – Okay. – That’s not bad. I’d knuckle those in. – Well, maybe. Anyway, that was pretty good, that was pretty, but now what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna test him out in what we call some random practice.

We’re really gonna put him under some pressure now. Let’s give this a go. So, if you’re enjoying this video, make sure you hit the like. Now, question for you guys. What is the yardage that you don’t like? We’re obviously putting Piers in a yardage that he doesn’t necessarily like.

What is the yardage? Leave a comment down below and let us know. Okay, time for the test. We’ve got five shots. And it’s gonna be five random shots. We’ve done a bit of a test center here on Trackman and it’s gonna throw in five random yardages between 100 yards and 120.

Piers doesn’t know. It’s gonna come up randomly on screen and we’re gonna see how good he is at hitting that yardage, pure yardage, that’s all it’s about. Random, again, the great thing about this is, it gets you thinking all the time.

This is a great way to practice your wedges. So are you ready? – I am ready. – Okay, first number is 112 yards, Piers. – Okay, that’s not so bad. – 112 So Piers, all you gotta do– – And this is normalize yeah, ’cause we got a little bit – This is is normalize.

of a breeze here. So 112. Okay. – (stammers) The thing about this is getting him thinking. It’s got him thinking about his swing, his pace, and he’s obviously got five different ones of this. – Okay, here we go.

(thwack of the ball) – Okay, what’d you think? – A little bit short. Caught it a little bit towy. – So, 113 carry. There we go. – You made it. – Nice. So that was good, so that was a nice score, Piers, 93.

– All I did on then, I did the same shorter swing, but I actually went up the club. – Next one, 117. – Oh that’s good. Oh these are nice ones. – Gotta hit a litte harder. – What was the last one, 113? – 113, yeah.

Four yards more then. – Four yards more. Well actually, just hit this one up the middle (laughing). Same swing it up the middle. (thwack of ball) That was nice. – Yeah, that was probably the best strike yet so far.

What’d you think? Call it. Before it comes up. – Yeah, I’m gonna go 117. Why not? – 121 carry. – Oh my goodness. I’m pumped now, I’m pumped. See you put test center on it, it’s gonna go further. What have I got next? – Oh, 119.

– 119? (laughs) The whole idea with this test was to get it around the 100, but they just haven’t happened, have they? – Random, that’s good. – Yep, it is random. – It’s random. (thwack of the ball) Call it.

– Yeah, I mean, that’s– – What? – 120, uh no it’s not, it’s less, 115. It’s a bit short. – 113. – Okay. So you were six yards short on that. Okay, next one, 112. Two shots left. – That’s more like it, 112.

I think I’m a little bit pumped here maybe. I don’t know what it is but– – He’s a bit nervous. This is the great thing about this though, he’s got a lot of people watching this. (Piers laughs) He’s got this pressure of this.

Now, he’s gotta hit the yardages. (thwack of the ball) This is why it’s good to do this. A little bit of a pull there. – That’s gonna make it 112. ’cause the strike was– – You think so? – Ugh, nah, 115, 116 maybe.

– 116, okay. – Just that pull just does it. Doesn’t it? – Last one then, Piers is 110. 110. – It’s a shame you didn’t have any at 105 (laughs). But that’s random. – Yep. – Ah, sorry, 105? – No, 110. – 110, sorry.

– (laughs) Listen, he’s obviously very nervous. – Try listening, eh? Try listening, 110. – Okay last shot then. – I’m definitely gonna go down the handle and I’m gonna have a little bit of a softer intention on this one.

I need to because it’s obviously going a bit too far. (thwack of the ball) Oh, that’s beautiful. – What’d you think? Give me yardage, 110. What’d you think? How close it is? – (sighs) 108, a little short maybe, 108.

– 103.6 – What? – 103.6 – How can that machine be right on that? (laughs) – So your score is 82.2, Piers. – 82’s actually pretty good. – 82.2 – And that takes into consideration the dispersion left and right as well.

Probably one that was to the left there. But yeah, I’m okay with that. I’m okay with that. I’m pretty happy. – Good, so I mean look that’s a really important way that you can practice there. Think about that, you know.

Maybe if you’re somebody who’s struggling to just get that in between yardage, think about the length of your swing, potentially choking down the club as well could make a difference. And put a bit of random practice in there.

That’s a massive important thing that you can do that’s gonna help you when you go on the golf course. So I hope that helps guys. Make sure you hit the like. Comment below. And also, if you want some more coaching from myself and Piers, make sure you head over to www.

meandmygolf.com where we have numerous coaching plans that will help you get to your goal. We’ve got Break 100, Break 90 and Break 80, which are having amazing results. So make sure you go and check it out.

Click the link down there. And we look forward to seeing you there.


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