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Golf Swing Downswing Drill – Transition Drill


Hi, Robin here with a simple drill to help anybody whose struggling with their down swing or their transition. I think most people know by now that the down swing needs to be started from the ground up, where perhaps a little bit of a push into your left foot, the hips lead the shoulders, the shoulders lead the arms, and the arms lead the club head. But, at full speed and in one movement, this can be very difficult to feel for many players. So, what I ask a lot of my players to do is, in their practice, just hit some shots where you take your backswing and you stop for perhaps three or four seconds and then learn to create speed from this starting position.So, from a T peg we’re gonna feel a shift to the left and the rotation of the hips to trigger the speed in my swing. Experimenting with this drill I see players who don’t have the correct down swing sequence really struggle to create any speed or any distance. Once you know how to create the speed from the ground up, even from that static position, you can hit the ball almost or just as far as they normally do and that’s a good reference for you to know if you’re doing it correctly or not.If you practice this enough, then eventually you can hit the ball just as far as you normally do but you will develop a very good sense or awareness of how to start your down swing. You’ll have a feeling for it, and then you can add it to a one-motion swing. .


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