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The Bottle Cap Swing Drill Will Improve The Quality Of Your Golf Strike


Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I’m going to show you a little drill that’s going to help you improve the quality of your strike and all it takes is one of these. A little bottle cap. If you’re interested stay tuned. So if this is the first time to this channel. Welcome. This channel is all about helping you play better golf. And today’s drill is going to help you improve the quality of your strike. A lot of people struggle with the quality of the strike. And they tend to hit behind the ball or they hit the ball too thin. What we are really after is. When the club comes down and approaches the ball we really want the club to hit the ball first. It then goes down hitting the grass slightly after and then eventually it comes up.So we do want to hit down on the golf ball. But we don’t have to think about hitting down on the golf ball. The way I prefer to think of it is as we swing a golf club the club is traveling in a “U” shape. So at some point the club is coming down. At some point it is traveling parallel to the ground. And at some point it’s comming up. So we don’t really need to think oh i’ve got to hit down on it. Because if you do start thinking of hitting down too much. You are going to hit down behind the ball. Which is not going to produce a good quality strike. So if we just think in terms of the fact that the club is making a semi-circle or it’s an arc movement.We just need to position the ball in our stance to make that the easiest. Now I think probably the best place to play the ball is the middle of your stance. It can be slightly forward of middle but we certainly don’t want it too far back and certainly not too far forward. I see a lot of my clients play the ball off their left heel for the right handed golfers among us. And that’s just producing bad shots. You will hit the ground behind. So if we just take a simple bottle cap and we put it on the ground and we position the bottle cap so it’s in the middle of our stance or just slightly to my left. I don’t want to feel like I am going to hit the ground. I want to hit the bottle cap and then I want to hit the ground slightly in front of the bottle cap. So we will see how I go. Remember I don’t want to have to think about hitting down. If I hit down it’s going to catch behind the bottle top.I am just thinking of making my nice arc “U” shape swing. And the ball position will take care of the rest. And the bottle cap
has gone through. I hit the bottle cap first. The club then lightly touched the grass. I took a divot after the ball. And the ball went up in the air. So if we can do that a few times. And just get used to hitting balls with the bottle cap. Then we can just put a ball down there and we try and do exactly the same thing. So I have hit the ball. The club has brushed the grass post impact. The ball has gone nice height, straight I didn’t hit it fat, I didn’t hit it thin. It was a good quality strike. Thank you for letting me help you with your golf. I am Brian Fitzgerld The Golf Doctor. And if you like my videos you can click on the round avatar down the bottom there. You can get further information on my FaceBook page or my Twitter feed.You can also sign up to my electronic newsletter or listen to any of my podcasts at .


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