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Improve your Golf Swing Path With The Left Hand On Driver Drill


Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I am going to show you a drill which is going to improve your swing path. It’s a simple drill it’s called the Left Hand on The Driver Drill. Stay Tuned. [MUSIC} If you are new to this channel. This channel is all about helping you play better golf. Today’s drill is a simple one. It involves a driver and an iron. Today I have got a 7 iron. So all we need to do for this drill is to position a driver in front of the golf ball. Hold it with my left hand on the top. and if we think of this as a gear shift of a car we have got to try and not change gears. We really need to keep that in first gear. I grip down on my club with my right hand. And from there I just keep my left shoulder nice and stable. I don’t want to do any of that changing gear. I just keep it here and I swing the club.This forces the club to go on a swing path that is slightly right or at worst straight. If I start coming down changing gear. My swing path turns a little left. So we don’t try and hit too hard. Just a simple little swing like that and that gives you that swing path out to the right. If I was going to do a bad swing. What happens? As I start coming down. I change gear. I go from first to second gear. That turns my swing path out to the left. Which produces either a hook or if I hold my club face open it can also cause a slice. So we will do that one more time. Keep the left hand there. It maintains that nice solid left shoulder position. And that;s not a bad little shot. So you can do that. And a variation is to do it at home with your left hand up against the wall. You don’t need to hit balls.You just hold it there against the wall and just get familiar with that feeling of hitting against the solid left shoulder. We don’t want that left shoulder moving. We want to keep it solid. So that is just a nice variation. Thank you for letting me help you with your golf. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And if you like my videos you can click on the round avatar down on the bottom there. And you can get further information on my FaceBook page or my Twitter feed. And you can sign up to my electronic newsletter at .


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