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How to Hit a Downhill Bunker Shot | Golf Instruction | My Golf Tutor


Are you having trouble with a downhill greenside bunker shop this is Sean McTernan and you’re watching another episode of my golf tutor the number one place on the internet for you to play your best golf now welcome back today’s question comes from Brett and Brett wrote hi Sean I have been having a lot of difficulty with downhill green side bunker shots I really have no idea how I should play it could you please suggest some tips and give me some information about how to play this type of shot thanks very much for your question without a doubt the downslope bunker shot is one of the tougher shots in golf but with good technique I think it can be made a lot easier so the first thing I want you to do from a setup perspective is get your body with the gradient of the slope so we’re going to get our hips and our shoulders parallel to the slope want the ball to be pretty much in the middle of our stance for this particular shot and we’re just going to open up just a hair so let’s get into our setup and see what it looks like I think one of the things that a lot of how mature golfers struggle with is that when they’re in this position they then hang back and help the ball into the air it’s very important that we keep our way very very steady and we don’t move back this way so we’re going to set the clubface extremely open for this shot there again we’re going to rotate the face like we normally do on the backswing so that when we come down we’re exposing the bounce to the sand the one other little thing that I want you to focus on on this shot in particular I want you to imagine that you’re almost swinging in a phone booth it’s going to be very very difficult to get width it’s going to be more up and down so we can come down a little steeper into the ball for this particular shot so it’s going to look something a little bit like this and if you or anyone else has any questions about your game please leave a comment in the comment section below and don’t forget to go and check out and sign up for an email newsletter where i share my best tips and information so sign up now you


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