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Golf Putting Instruction : Long Putting


Okay, the long putt is I would say anything over twenty feet. So, we’ve got a; probably about a thirty foot putt here to demonstrate. This green isn’t all that big so we’re not going to have any of the sixty, seventy, eighty, hundred foot monster putts. But anytime you get a longer putt, you’re goal shouldn’t be to make the putt. That would be a nice added benefit, but your goal should be to get the putt close so you’ll make the next one virtually automatic. There’s days when it seems that any putt longer than four feet can be considered a long putt.So, then there’s those few days when they all go in. But, so, with the longer putt what I would advise doing is walking it off so you can take; get a kind of; get a handle on how long of a putt this one is. So, this one’s about thirty feet and then I like to get behind the flag and just kind of look at my lie so I can see if there’s any bumps and see which way the slope is and then I just walk back over here and I pick a target to which where I want to aim.So, this one I’m going to aim a little bit to the right of the flag because it’s going to slope back to my left. So, I’m going to take a nice couple of practice swings because this is a very important shot. The putt is just as important as any other stroke. And if you miss a short putt, that negates a really good drive or a great iron shot. So, then you want to just hit to your spot and that one’s not too bad. So, I’m looking pretty good for the next one. So, that’s the idea, is just measure off, think about getting it; you’re not going to make the putt most likely, but you want to get it close.And the longer these long putts get, the more important it is just to get down in to. .


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