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Golf Instruction: How to hit the low stinger


Jon here on the range with Nick and today we’re talking the low-shot. Tiger made this famous with his stinger, didn’t he? He was very, very proficient at it. So why would I want to hit this shot and how do I do it? Yeah I got to see him hit a lot of those when he was really playing nicely and the usefulness of it is into the wind with the shorter clubs but also cross-winds or when you know the course is just playing hard and fast and you want to roll that ball out there a long way. It’s a safe shot in that regard — if you can pull it off.So you’ve got a couple of different ways you could do it. You could do it Tiger-style. The way that he would play this is he’d move the ball back in his stance about one golf ball. It doesn’t have to be more than that, I think that’s sometimes where people make a mistake — they move it back too far. Then the hit is compromised as a result. The one in-swing change that you would have is to hit the ball and have a short follow-through with the clubhead stretched as far away from you as you can when you smash it. That would be one way to do that. So to smash this down the fairway really low: ball back one, punch it. Those won’t go much higher than 20 or 30 feet with a 6-iron and there’s some good predictability to that. Any crosswind is not going to touch it at all. It’s a much easier way to navigate the course like that for sure with a crosswind. Excellent. So, definitely something for people to work on and can definitely help their games. It’s worth knowing how to do that for sure Jon, absolutely.Swing Better. Play Better. GolfTEC. .


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