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Bounce The Ball Golf Drill To Improve Your Swing Path


Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Golf Doctor. Today we are going to use one of these things here and a club to help improve your swing path. Stay Tuned. So how can using one of these things here. A ball help improve our swing path? We have spoken before how when we swing a golf club we actually want to try and get the swing path coming down slightly to the right. it doesn’t have to be but it’s good if it can be. We don’t want it to be severely to the left.So if we can make any improvement, even if you are currently swinging a long way to the left we can make you swing it straighter it’s going to help your golf. So one of the ways i get people to hep improve their swingpath is to pick up a ball. Get into your golf set up, and the whole aim here is to make sure your posture is right. We want to make sure that when we swing we want to keep this ball bouncing down out to the right, like that. we don’t want to bounce it so we have to take a step to our left.It’s really important we get that ball bouncing slightly to the right. So that gives us the impression we are hitting down on the ball, we have got our swing path definitely going out to the right and that should improve our swing path. so by the time we get a golf club in our hands and we swing the club, we get that feeling of throwing the ball. So it’s a simple drill, it’s effective.Try using that at home. Thank you for letting me help you with your golf. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. If you like my videos. You can subscribe on YouTube by pressing the button there. You can get further information on my FaceBook page or my Twitter page. Or you can join my electronic newsletter at .


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