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The Coffee Cup Golf Swing Drill


Well that was pretty good. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I thought I would show you how to get the club rotating. I just hit a shot there and my club face rotated. It’s probably the most misunderstood part of the golf swing. I’m going to show you how to learn how to get the club rotating.I hope you enjoy the tip. Okay. So I just hit a shot there and you’ll notice the clubface rotating as I hit the shot. How do we get that club rotating? Because it certainly doesn’t stay straight. Well I’ve got a great little training aid here that I’ve designed at great cost. It’s a coffee cup.Just a take away coffee cup. I’ve put some sticky tape and attached it to the face of the golf club. If I take my set up and I swing the club back. We imagine there is some coffee in the cup. I’m not to worried about what the coffee does on the backswing. But as I come down. What I don’t want to do is what most people do and that’s keep the coffee in the cup. You can see there that it’s pointing upwards. What the best players in the world do is they actually get that clubface rotating so that the coffee is now spilling out of the cup. So to do that. The left wrist breaks down, softens and that enables my right hand to go past. if I don’t let my left wrist break down, the coffee stays in the cup. So the idea is we really want to make sure that that coffee is spilling out of the cup.I hate wasting coffee, I love coffee, but this is the drill that you have got to waste coffee. So we do that one more time. We do that. The left wrist softens and breaks down and the coffee spills out of the cup. Do that at home. You can do it with every single club. And it is a great drill to promote a proper release. I hope you enjoyed the tip. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. if you like my tips why don’t you share them with your friends.You can share them at the bottom of the video. You can also subscribe so that you can be kept informed of when the new video comes up. There is also a link on my website you can sign up to the mailing list so you can actually join ah my mailing list and be notified exactly when the tip goes up on line. You can also get further information from my facebook page or my twitter page. .


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