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Improve Your Swing Path With The Golf Box Drill.


Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor. And today I thought we would use this very expensive training aid. Of course it is just a box. Ah I call it the box drill. I’ll show you how to use it. So here we have a box. It’s an old golf club box. Which I have taped up. I’ve even put instructions “Don’t throw it out”. because my staff tend to throw things out if they are not nailed down. But this one I hope to keep. It’s one of my best training aids. How do we use it? First of all I just put the box down. And then I have a golf ball. I place the ball down here so there is just a bit of room between the ball and the box.So I have it about there. What we are trying to do here is we are trying to stop the golf club approaching the ball outside the line and coming inside. If I do that I am going to hit the box. Alright. Here we go at trying to do it. I take my set up. if I do the right swing I’m going to be keeping the club coming at the ball from slightly inside the line, or as I call it swinging slightly to the right. And if I do that I won’t hit the box on this side. I’m actually happy if I hit the box on this side. It’s not going to worry me too much. I just don’t want my club hitting the box there.So I will see how I go. I’ll hit a shot. So I hit the shot. The ball stayed nice on line. There is no evidence of me hitting the box. And that’s the result we want. So it’s amazing what happens. If you put something down there that you don’t want to hit. Your brain will respond. It will say I don’t want to hit that box.And it will make the change that is necessary. So if you work on this with on a regular basis, it will improve. By all means hit shots.But you don’t have to. You can just put one down at home and just keep practicing your swing trying to avoid hitting the box. Just like that. It’s a good drill. I hope it works well for you. I’m Brian Fitzgerald. The Golf Doctor. If you like my videos, why don’t you subscribe by clicking the link below. You can share it with a friend at the bottom of the video. You can also go onto my website and you can subscribe to my newsletter list so you will be informed of when a new golf tip comes up each week. .


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