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Golf: What Makes Or Breaks Your Swing


When you set up with your body in the right position and you grip correctly, it is easy to turn your body and relax your hands so you move freely through the swing. But if your set-up or grip is poor, or you fail to aim square at the target, you will need to compensate in your swing, making it less accurate and effective. Your body has three balance points important in the set-up. The first of these is the balls of your feet. The second and third are your lowest and highest vertebrae. When these balance points are correctly positioned, it is easy to rotate your body around its spinal axis and your swing feels free and fluid. If you set up with your balance points out of tune, you will have to compensate in order to turn your body fully, making it very difficult to swing well.For every error that you make in your set-up, you have to compensate with another error in the swing in order to make it work. You then start experimenting with new ideas about the swing every time you play, finding more and more different ways of compensating, which can easily develop into bad habits. Watch our videos “The Grip” and “Five steps to a perfect set-up” to learn how to set up and grip well every time, the only way to ensure a correct swing free of compensations. .


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