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Golf Mental Tips – Visualization Is The Key To The Inner Game of Golf


Hi my name is Linda candy and I’m from golf mental tips and this week I want to talk about visualization I’ve had several people contact me over the past couple of weeks saying they don’t know how to visualize they don’t actually know what I mean when I say visualize the shot you want to make before you either make it now there’s a little exercise I do with them when people say they can’t visualize I ask them to close their eyes and just see their front door look at it see what color it is is it painted is it wood what’s the frame like does it have any windows in it what’s the surrounds of the door like does it have a door knocker has it got a letterbox is there a number on your door what’s to the sides of your door are there plant pots are there steps up to your front door can you see what we’re doing we’re actually building a full picture of what your front door actually looks like it’s almost like you have a photograph in your mind of what your front door is like well when you’re visualizing your golf shots that’s what I want you to do build up that full picture so you can actually see every single thing that you need to see just as it is just as you want it to be I mean I guess when you imagine your front door you don’t imagine the muddy boots that the kids have dropped there unless they’re there all the time because that would make it less than perfect you imagine your front door and you see your front door as it is as you want it to be and that’s the same with your golf shot if you want to make that good shot you have to visualize it and see it first well I hope you liked your tip of the week leave your comments below and subscribe above looking forward to hearing from you bye for now


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