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Golf Instruction: Stop Mishitting your Driver


(Brad Skupaka) At GOLFTEC we’ve measured hundreds of thousands of swings and we know what it takes to play better golf. One skill that separates Tour players from you at home is their ability to hit the center of the face. Not only do they hit it in the middle more often, even when they do miss, they don’t do it by much. If this is something you’re not paying attention to whenever you’re hitting, you definitely could be missing out some information that’s telling you why the ball is going where it does. Whenever you hit the ball out here on the toe, these are gonna tend to want to draw to the left. If you already hit a slice this isn’t the worst place to hit it, maybe doesn’t go as far but they might still go pretty straight.If you do already hit a hook, these things are gonna curve even farther to left, so you want to stay away from that toe. If you hit a slice, hitting it over here on the heel is the worst. The ball is gonna spin a lot, go really short and curve way over into the trees. What everybody really wants to do is try to hit it in the middle of the face. Not only are you gonna get the best ball speed, so the balls are gonna go the farthest, but the predictability of this shot it’s gonna be much higher. One reason why you may be struggling with hitting the center of the face is whenever you hit, you stay too bent over and then start bending and flexing your left arm.What this is doing is effectively making the club shorter than it was at address, so then after you top a couple shots, maybe you start compensating a little bit extra and fat a few, it’s just gonna be really hard to be consistent when the length of your left arm is constantly changing. Here’s a cool drill we can do to help fix that. For starters let’s just make a really small backswing keeping our arms nice and straight we’re then gonna make our follow-through stretching our arms as far as we can just punching some shots really short down the course. This is definitely something’s going to help you with their centeredness of contact but to make sure that it really does address your problem, what you need to do is find a GOLFTEC by you and go in and get your swing measured. .


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