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Fixing an Over-the-Top Golf Swing : Shoulder Turn for a Proper Golf Swing


On behalf of my name is Ray Boone and I run the Ray Boone Golf Academy at the beautiful Miami Beach Golf Club. Today I’d like to present to you the topic of the over the top golf swing. A little bit more on the shoulder turn. You’d want to feel that your left shoulder is working slightly downward as you take the club back. At the same time you’re keeping your arms connected to your body. Our arms are not separated and getting away from our body on the take away. We’re keeping our arms basically pretty close to our chest on the take away. So we’re going to swing the club back, we’re going to feel like that left shoulder is working downward a little bit, we’re taking it up to the top really stretching the muscles out. You should feel a lot of stretch in your back, you’ll feel some stretching on your leg and basically you’re winding your body up. It’s almost like taking a rubber band and stretching it to the maximum. So you’re wound up completely up completely at the top of the swing and then you’re going to unwind from there almost automatically.Your body wants to unwind when you stretch the muscles as much as you can and again that’s going to create a lot of speed, a lot of club head speed through impact and a lot more distance on your shots. .


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