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Disc Golf Tips : The Innova Star Eagle Disc


This is a typical disc golf bag. And, today we’re going to talk about fifteen different discs that I would use for shot selection around the course. The next disc we’re going to talk about is the Star Eagle Fairway Driver from Innova. And, this is a over stabled disc. It’s I would say, in the middle category of over stable and we’ll get into that. What this is going to do, is if I throw this disc straight and throw this disc flat it’s tendency immediately is to turn fade straight to the left. It’s engineered to turn immediately. So, the goal of throwing an Eagle which is a really reliable disc. A lot of the pros on the pro tour use the Star Eagle religiously. The great thing about it is, is when you throw this disc if you throw this disc with the nose down and with it angled just a little bit over just a degree or two from being even this disc will throw straight for three to three hundred and fifty feet. So, this disc is really great for over stable shots.It’s a really straight flier. If I throw this disc just a couple of degrees with the wing up from even and if I give it a great whip at the very end and get my wrist in there. I’m usually able to get this disc to fly about three hundred to three hundred and fifty feet. Pretty straight, maybe at the very end of the flight it will tail off about fifteen feet to the left. So, it’s a really reliable disc for me on very straight holes. It doesn’t turn as much as most of the other discs as I find. I find that I can never do wrong, if I need just a straight easy up shot. If I’m not going for an Ace Route or anything like that, if I’m just trying to get par this is usually my most reliable disc. And, again this is a Star Eagle Distance Driver from Innova. .


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