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Disc Golf Tips : The Innova JK Pro Aviar-X Disc


This is a typical disc golf bag, and today we’re going to talk about fifteen different discs that I would use for shot selection around the course. The next disc that I’m going to look at here is my most favorite disc, it’s my most reliable disc, and if it wasn’t for this disc I probably wouldn’t play this golf, it’s my putter. And this is actually an Aviar-X by Innova, it’s a JK Pro, putt and approach putter. This disc is actually a specialized putter partly because it has this extra beveled edge right here, which, believe it or not, that extra beveled edge right there creates a lot, a lot, a lot of accuracy for you if you know how to use it right. The great thing about the Aviar is that the Aviar is a stable putter, so that when you throw the disc flat, it’s going to come out of your hand flat, and it’s going to fade to the left. So it’s by far one of the best putters in the market. I have to have a couple Aviars in my bag just to practice all the time.I’ve learned that the Aviar-X is actually the better putter for me, just because it has this little extra track down here and I found that this little thumb track right here just gives me something to feel off of. That’s the last place I touch is this finger, so when the disc comes out of my hand, I’m pointing right at the basket. So again, this is a JK Pro Aviar-X by Innova, 172 grams, which is kind of lightweight for most putters, but it works well for me. .


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