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#1 Golf Club & Grip Cleaner and 3-in-1 Heavy Duty Golf Brush & Groove Cleaner Kit. 2 Great Products Easily Attach to Your Golf Bag. Great gift for Golfers!


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Improve Your Golf Game – Clean Clubs = Better Golf!

Are you getting the best accuracy and distance from your clubs?
– Making poor contact hitting the ball?
– Are you gripping your club too tightly?
– Not getting enough back spin on the ball?

STIXX Golf Kit includes two great golf products!

Golf Club & Grip Cleaner cleans your clubs, grip and balls!
– It easily removes dirt, mud, sand and grass. Just …’spray and wipe’!
– It also rejuvenates your grips to look and feel like new!

STIXX 3-in-1 Heavy Duty Golf Club Cleaning Brush can clean any club, iron, driver or golf shoe in seconds !!!
It is the best cleaning tool for golf clubs and spikes:
– The Nylon Bristles are used for cleaning woods
– The Brass Bristles are used for cleaning irons
– The Spike is used for cleaning deep into the grooves of the golf club face and golf shoes
– Clean grooves creates better contact with the ball, better ball flight and more back spin
– The Retractable Zip-Line Cord extends 2 feet for quick & easy use
– Easily removes dirt, mud, sand & grass!

Keep your game at top performance with clean clubs and shoes!

STIXX World Class Golf Gear – 100% satisfaction guaranteed

Limited Quantities Available – Buy Now!

IMPROVE YOUR GOLF GAME & LOWER YOUR SCORE – by cleaning your clubs regularly with STIXX Golf Club & Grip Cleaner Spray and 3-in-1 Heavy Duty Golf Brush. Each product has an aluminum carabiner/clip that conveniently attaches to your golf bag for quick and easy use.
STIXX CLUB & GRIP CLEANER OFFERS COMPLETE CARE FOR YOUR CLUBS, GRIP & BALLS – Just… spray & wipe! Easily removes dirt, mud, sand & grass! Rejuvenates grips to look & feel like new! Restores grips’ natural tackiness. Regular cleaning maintains and extends the life of your grips.
3-in-1 HEAVY DUTY GOLF BRUSH – THE BEST CLEANING TOOL FOR YOUR GOLF CLUBS & SPIKES – Nylon bristles for cleaning woods. Spike for cleaning deep in the grooves & golf shoes. Brass bristles for cleaning irons.
KEEP YOUR GAME AT TOP PERFORMANCE – CLEAN CLUBS = BETTER GOLF! Get the best accuracy and distance from your clubs by cleaning them regularly with your STIXX Golf Club Cleaning Kit. You will make better contact with the ball which will result in better ball flight and more back spin.
100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Give our STIXX Golf Club Cleaning Kit a try and you will never go back to any other brand. Great gift for any golfer or as a tournament giveaway. By STIXX World Class Golf Gear!


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