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The Definitive Guide to a Proper Hip Rotation in the golf swing.


Hi I’m John Vickers I’m here today with Gregory Mertons, Gregory is going to help me demonstrate the proper hip turn in a golf swing by doing a proper hip turn you’re also going to get a big shoulder turn which is what most golfers want, especially an amateur. So first things first, first we have to understand how do we get a proper hip turn and the first place that we want to go to is we want to go to our hip socket and that’s going to be a point if you look on the model this is the hip this is the femur of a right leg this point it’s kind of it’s in the groin actually that’s where your hip sockets located that’s how you want to rotate. Gregory is going to demonstrate where that is. If you see the yellow dot that’s in Gregory’s groin area that’s the real place that you want to rotate from, so Gregory go ahead and demonstrate by rotating to your right and as you see when Gregory rotates just his hips you see how his torso and his shoulders follow along and it’s always going to be that way because that’s the way the body works so when you do this you’re already more than halfway if not three quarters of the way of your back facing the target.Do you feel any stress in your body right now in this position? Nope! Go ahead and rotate your shoulders now, so you see rotate his shoulders just a teeny bit and now his back is completely facing the target you see the alignment stick on the ground which is pointing to towards the target so now his back is completely perpendicular. With the club in his hand he going to demonstrate the same thing and again you’re going to see how with this proper rotation that he’s going to go ahead when you’re ready you’re going to go ahead and rotate to the top of the backswing so he did the same thing! He rotated through his hip where the yellow dot was and you see how now again back is completely facing the target Gregory you feel any tension in your body? No, no tension.And from this position very simple for him to go on to his front side, have a nice down swing and get maximum power and maximum energy behind the ball and club head speed. So if you have any questions about how to get the proper hip rotation they’re few more things are involved with it obviously, but this should give you a good idea of how to get started you can contact me through my facebook page or my Google+ page thank you .


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