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Teaching Golf Basics to Kids : Golf for Kids: Swing


In this segment on kids and golf, I am here with Gage Anderson. And Gage is really a special golfer….Ooo…look at….whoa, in your ear….and he’s been playing since he’s two. I’ve worked with him and we’re going to take a look at his golf swing and you tell me what you think. Go ahead Gage, hit a ball. Now that certainly, as you can see, is an excellent golf swing. It’s very simple. I like the fact that he’s not interlocking or overlapping, he’s just holding the club comfortably. The only thing that I would say about that swing is that it’s a little too smooth and a little too easy. And what I would like to see you do is to hit this one a little harder.Hit it hard. Now, that looks better to me. That is a real live golf swing. Now, what are some…Is there anything that you’ve been working on in your swing or is there anything…What is really important for you to do in your swing? Is there anything? No. You just try to hit the ball? Yeah. Yeah? And when you try to hit the ball, you just get comfortable and bring it back and just whack it? Yeah. That’s it? Alright. Well let me see you do that again. Start out and whack it hard. Now, Gage has worked on certain things of course, in the progress. He’s seven years old. He started when he was two. But isn’t that beautiful that he could just be comfortable? Not think about any fundamentals and just whack that ball? Well thank you very much. Nice going and hopefully someday we’ll see this guy on tour, because he’s one of our tour hopefuls. .


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