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One of the questions I get a lot is, “What starts the downswing? How do we transition from the top of the backswing into impact?” And people have always heard, you know, it starts with the ground up. The lower body starts the action. And yes, it does. The caveat is, though, ladies and juniors, when they start the downswing, they’re so flexible, they start the downswing with the lower body — the club never gets going.And so they really don’t get any hit on the golf ball. Most adults, most male adults, they’re a little tighter. When they start the downswing, they start with all body, upper body, and the club tends to swing out. They tend to hit cut shots and pull shots. For most people, when I test most people, I find they do better when they actually have a feeling that their arms are starting the downswing, which is counterintuitive or contrary to what you’ve been told. So you really need to feel like you’re winding up to the top of the backswing, getting a good stretch here, and then feeling like you’re getting your arms to move downward into the golf ball. What will happen then — the lower body actually responds and stays underneath you. If you move the lower body, I can move the lower body a long, long way and still not get the golf club going. And all the golf ball knows is what you did to it with the golf club. We have to get the golf club swinging with speed. We have to deliver the golf club down the line, down the play and into the golf ball to get the golf ball to fly.So I’d really like you to hit some shots, and feeling like you’re hitting iron shots — we don’t need driver for this. Feel as though your feet are pretty flat on the floor. You’re going to hit the ball and feel like you’re taking it to the top and really getting the golf club to go. How quickly can you get the golf club starting in the downswing and obviously make it swing through? Something like this. So, I just hit that shot. I just got the club moving around me. I didn’t try and use my lower body. I got my arms feeling like they were moving down. Just as when you’re walking — your arms are moving. Your legs respond. They know what to do. You don’t have to think about it. I would much rather you get the club head going and we add body speed than the other way around. It’s very, very easy to get the lower body moving and not move the golf club.Remember, all the ball knows is what you did to it with the golf club. It doesn’t
know what the lower body did unless you make the golf club move quicker. Make it move quickly. Make it move down the line into the golf ball. It will give you good compression and good speed, which is what we need for great golf shots. .


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