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Golf Lesson – Keep The Pressure in Your Right Heel


Hi. Robin, here. Are you are player who struggles with your right heel coming off the ground too early in the down swing? It’s a very common fault. It’ll mean your hips are working incorrectly. Your right hip will be working too far forward. You’re probably spinning your hips open too early. Well, that’s here you’ve got a simple drill. What I want you to do is take your sand wedge. I want you to place it under your right heel at address so you can see the club shaft is nigh off the ground. And, from here, this will do two things for you. One, it’s going to give you a little bit of awareness in where your pressure point should be in the back swing. I want you to increase the pressure on the club head. Almost feel like you’re pushing the club head into the ground. From here in the down swing I want you to keep the pressure on the club head.If you do that, as you start transferring your weight the club shaft will stay up. Obviously, if you’ve got your old fault, of the right heel coming up too early, the club shaft is going to hit the ground early. You’ll see that clearly. You’ll be getting good feedback to whether you are doing it correctly or not. So, very simple. Sand wedge under the right heel. Increase the pressure on it in the back swing. Keep the pressure on it, almost pushing off it in the down swing, keeping the club shaft up. I want you to try to feel like it’s staying up in the air until you’ve made impact with the ball. .


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