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We’re here at the beautiful Grand Golf Club at Fairmont Grand Del Mar. I’m here with the very intelligent Shawn Cox. And, Shawn, I’m having trouble — I always have trouble with my pre-shot routine. Got anything that could help me? >> Well, usually when we’re playing best, we always talk about how we visualize our shots, and we don’t have a lot of swing thoughts, and we just play golf kind of effortlessly, and there’s really no problems. That doesn’t happen very often. So, what we have to do is we have to practice getting in the same routine every time and put ourselves into that state a little bit more often, and how we do that — I have a couple friends that are out on the Tour, and they work with a bunch of Tour professionals, and they have come up with a system on how to start your routine.And if I stand back here and I’ve already typically done my practice swings, if I stand back here, if I ask myself a question, I can’t help but answer it. So they came up with a very nifty question. The question is, “What does a good shot look like here?” And what that does is, is that makes you visualize your shot. And on this particular hole, there’s a lot of trouble to the left, and if I’m gonna miss anywhere, I’m gonna be a little short and right of this little flag out here. And so what I’ve done is I’ve visualized a shot that has a landing point maybe short and right of that red flag.Now, as I come up to the ball, my only thought is that visualization of that shot and that spot that I picked to land the ball. And so, as I go through this, I’m also, as I’m looking at the ball after my last look, I’m gonna have my brain be on that spot out there at the target. And that’s gonna make me think about that spot to land it, and that ball should come down and kick right up next to the pin. Maybe that might even go in. >> Wow. That’s some good stuff there. Yeah, get you some of that. But the one thing that I noticed, and it can help me a lot, is you’re slowing the game down. I mean, just standing back here, visualizing, seeing where I want to see it. Instead of playing right here, you’re actually playing at your target, which just slows everything down. >> Yeah, most of the golfers, they stand over the ball and they look at it, and now they try to visualize what they want to do.First of all, your spectrum of seeing things from the side here aren’t as good as if I’m standing back here, picturing the shot. I think of,
when you watch TV, they show those Protracers. See that Protracer in your mind of where the ball is going up in the air and where it’s landing. >> Wow. Well, I mean, no pressure or anything. Put it on the spot. Appreciate it. Thank you. >> Thank you. .


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