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Disc Golf Tips : The Innova Pro Wraith Disc


This is a typical disc golf bag. And, today we’re going to talk about fifteen different discs that I would use for shot selection around the course. So, the next disc we’re going to talk about is the Pro Wraith Distance Driver from Innova. And, this disc is right in the middle of all the discs that you’ll be able to throw. It can be under stable if you want it to be. And, it can be over stable also. This is the disc that actually, I feel lets me know what my hands are doing and what my body mechanics are doing. Because, this disc will fly the way that I throw it. Which, most discs are that way. But, this is the most obvious one for me. It seems that if I throw the Wraith and I put it where it needed to go, that was usually me throwing the disc right. This disc is a disc that allows me to know that I need to tighten up my grip or I need to work on my footwork my delivery.I actually find that with the Wraith that I get the most distance consistently with it. And, the only way that I’m usually able to get that is if I’m able to get the Wraith to turn over. And, again turn over. This is more of an over stable disc than under stable. Even though, it’s right in the middle. And, what happens is if I can get this disc to turn over it’s going to do a huge Helix. It’s going to do a huge S-curve in the air. And, it’s going to travel anywhere from three hundred to four hundred and fifty feet. I’m not the most reliable with the distance. But, again it’s all about the body mechanics and the delivery. And, making sure that it’s good. This disc is probably one of the most popular discs out there. I noticed that Ken Klimo has got twelve Wraiths in his bag and he’s twelve time world champion. So, I try to keep a couple in my bag even though I can’t really throw anywhere like he does.But, I find that if I throw this disc with the nose down and with the wing up but very very lightly with the wing up. I try to still keep it flat. And, I try to deliver it deliver the disc so that it’s pretty much right underneath my armpit. So, my arm’s not raised my arms not lowered. I try to throw straight across my chest with the Wraith and I let go with the disc out just like that. And, if I can get the disc out at that angle it will induce the Helix. Which is, for me one of the most reliable ways to get the disc down. I know other guys that throw rollers to get their four hundred feet. I know guys that throw sidearm. I know guys that throw
tomahawks. I know guys that throw thumbers. I know guys that throw scoobies. I know guys and women, I know people who throw all kinds of different shots. So, that’s the great thing about disc golf is that we all have our own way of doing it.And, there’s not wrong way. I don’t believe there’s any right way either. I think there’s just our way. Again, this is the Pro Wraith Distance Driver from Innova. .


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