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Disc Golf Tips & Techniques : How to Do the Hammer Throw in Disc Golf


So, I found my disc, which is good. The only problem is as I look at the basket, it’s behind this tree. I can’t really go right around it with a flick and I can’t really go left around with a backhand. What do you do? I’ll tell you what you do. You bust out one my favorite throws called the hammer. The throw is just like it sounds. It’s pretty self explanatory. You just kind of cock back like a hammer throw and throw it forward.Go through it a little bit more technically now. I got a tree in front of me. It’s gripped very similarly to the flick throw, except this throw you throw over your head. As you come down, you want to bring your hand down like that so the disc goes. When you throw it in the air it goes and it floats, and then it comes down like that. It’s a really nice throw if you ever have an obstacle that’s right in front of you. You have to go up and over it. You cock it back, you see where you want to throw it, and you’re going to step, which may seem a little awkward, with you right foot at the same time as you throw it with your right hand. Vice versa, if you’re left handed, you’re going to step back and throw with your left hand and left foot. I’m bringing it over really nice. You get that nice little cha cha.Like I said, I like to make sound effects when I throw. I think it helps a lot. This is a cha throw. You see it went over it. Wasn’t the best throw in the whole entire world, but it was definitely my best option. Sometimes just like in regular golf, you got to work with your field. It doesn’t always give you the best option, but you got to take what you got and move on. That throw is kind of like a pitching wedge in golf. It goes up and over and it comes down nice and easy. .


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