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How to Stop Casting the Golf Club | Golf Instruction | My Golf Tutor


Are you having issues with casting the golf club this is Sean McTernan and you’re watching another episode of my golf tutor the number one place on the internet for you to play your best golf now welcome back today’s question comes from Jason Jason wrote hi Sean I’ve been having a lot of issues with casting the golf club I feel it’s costing me a lot of distance can you please explain what causes this and some solutions that I can use to get rid of Jason thanks very much for your question I’d first like to start off by explaining what I believe casting the club is or early release some people might call it so basically when we initiate our downswing it’s a premature release of the risks it causes you to lose wrist angle therefore it encourages you to deliver the club head with a cupped wrist this is going to add loft to the club and it’s also going to cause you to hit those high weak shots that you’re talking about now there’s a couple of there’s a couple of reasons why we experienced this earlier release or casting sometimes we don’t actually have the flexibility or range of motion in our wrists to actually hold the angle on the way down so I would suggest you know checking that before you decide to go and work on the next part that we’re going to talk about one of the number one reasons why I see people casting is that they don’t use their bodies in the golf swing they get to the top of their swing and it’s all hands and arms they simply throw the clubhead at the ball and as you can see I’m losing a lot of wrist and lag here when I do that one thing that I’d like you to focus on when you go to the driving range the next time it’s trying to incorporate your body a little bit more in the shot so what I mean by that is if you can I want you to feel that you’re turning and rotating a little more if possible and then this in turn will hopefully allow you to lag the club head a little bit and stop you from doing this motion here so a drill that I like to use to help my students get rid of that casting or early release motion is a step and hit drill and simply what we’re going to do is we’re going to get in our normal Golf posture this is a 6-iron you can use whatever club you want really I want you to place your left foot beside your right before you take the club away now as you’re nearing the top of your backswing I want you to step to the left and start shifting your weight so we’re going to try and work from the ground up and
this is going to help us and promote to allow us to hold this wrist angle for a little longer I think it would be very uncomfortable if you were to get to the top and then try and throw the club head and lose that angle immediately so I’ll just do a little demonstration here and show you exactly what I mean so that drill there promotes me working from the ground up it allows my body to to move and turn and it allows me to hold this angle for a little longer so try that drill when you go to the range I think it’s going to help you eliminate some of that casting and if you have any questions or comments about your golf game please leave them in the comment section below check out sign up for email newsletter where i share my best tips and information so sign up now you


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