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Golf Slice Fix – Drill #4 – Golf Glove Drill


So another really nice exercise to make sure those hands are working correctly to give you the the feeling of coming through the golf ball correctly. Think about the position of your top hand. So once you’ve gripped the golf club correctly, you’re making your nice swing, we want to make sure the top hand keeps rotating before, during, and after impact. So the leading hand should actually follow through into an upside down position.Now, if you are wearing a golf glove there will be a badge on the back of the golf glove with the makers emblem on it. Try and get that emblem, to be facing the floor, as it comes through the follow through position. So as the golf club points towards the flag that I’m aiming at, the makers emblem points also at the ground. And that hand should feel like it’s going away from my body, it’s not coming into my body and getting stuck here with the open club face, it’s been thrown away from my body and that emblem goes down to the ground. There’s actually a feeling of taking your leading hand throwing away from your body but also getting it upside down. So we’ll take the club, swing it through the gate, through the baskets and the hand should finish in this position.Now you could actually go ahead and hit some very short range maybe fifty sixty yards little chip shots, just little punches, and feel have that hand rolls over, and then stop in this follow through position, so you can actually check on the position of your hand. Now we’ll keep the baskets in play just to make sure that coming from the inside path but we’ll now go ahead and just hit this little shot, checking on the left hand position as we come through. So from a good set up position, little turn through, as you can see my finish position here the badge on the back of my hand would point down towards the floor. So if I was wearing a glove, that would have turned over pointed towards the floor, and the ball actually flew there with a nice little drawing shape, a nice little arcing draw. Now if you’ve never hit one of those in your life you’re going to really happy to see the ball turning from right to left as you do that. .


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