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Cure Over The Top Golf Swing – Wall Drill


So you’re a player who’s struggling with the dreaded over the top swing, where you’re starting your down swing with a violent upper body movement, dominating the down swing with your upper body. It results in your arms coming outside plane, steepening the club, you hit slice shots, pull shots, you lose a lot of distance. Give this simple drill a try. Okay. Here’s what I want you to do: I want you to find a wall and stand about one foot away from it, taking your normal address posture, placing your hands in front of your body with your palms away from you.Now from here, I want you to rotate the same way as you would in your golf swing. So, your chest faces the wall and you place your palms on the wall. Your arms should be slightly bent. Now, here’s the key to this drill: I want you to leave your palms on the wall and then move your lower body first. You’ll feel an increase in pressure underneath your left foot. But if you leave your palms on the wall not moving them, that will ensure that your upper body’s remaining stable and it’s holding for that split second, a key to a good transition. Now, if you keep pulling from your lower body that will then send a chain reaction up through your body.You’ll start to feel a stretching effect of your left side. That will then start to force the shoulders to rotate, then your arms will slide down the wall and you can move into your follow-through. It’s a great drill to get the feeling of the sequence of the transition, how you’re starting with your lower body but keeping your upper body stable. As always, once you have a feel for that, delaying your upper body, not being so violent and active with your upper body, you can then take that to practice swings and then hitting shots. .


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