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The Hammer Golf Swing : Follow Through of the Hammer Golf Swing


This segment is on the follow through. We’ve all seen full follow throughs in golf. Sometimes not quite as full. But the follow through. And there’s so much said about the follow through and the positions that you want to get in your follow through. The follow through with the hammer swing takes care of itself. It’s not something that you want to think about. Obviously, a carpenter does not follow through at all because there’s some resistance. Boom. Boom. Now, if a carpenter was going to follow through, because, let’s see he was demonstrating how to hit a nail, boom. Boom. It’s natural. It automatically happens. With your hands, your arms, your body, your muscles, your strength, your extension. With everything going in that direction, I’ll do it in slow motion, boom. You can’t help but follow through. But it is not something you concentrate on.I don’t want you to take this the wrong way, but in some ways the swing stops at the ball, it doesn’t stop there. But, it’s where your concentration stops. You bang that nail, boom, whoa. And the follow through takes care of itself. See that nail when you’re hitting. Visualize that nail. Here’s my hammer, there’s the nail, slow motion. Boom. Whoa! And, now I’ll do it in full speed.Boom! Boom! There’s no thought of the follow through. If you bang that nail, the follow through will take care of itself. .


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