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How to Make Solid Contact Golf Tip


Solid contact — probably one of the most desired feelings at impact for any golfer. Yet, for most of the amateurs that I teach, it happens few and far between. So here’s an excellent iron drill that you can use to ensure solid contact, maximum compression, and ideal and consistent distance. It’s all about impact and maintaining those impact alignments through the ball. So, here’s what I’m gonna show you. Once you set up to the golf ball, it’s very important to understand that the setup and the impact are not the same. And, in fact, the longer that you can maintain these impact alignments through the ball, the more consistent your strike is gonna be, the more stable the face is gonna be, and the more likely that you’re gonna hit the ball first and the ground after, which is absolute fundamental in golf. So, let me explain. What I’d like you to try to do — do a couple practice swings, where you set up, make a little half swing, more like a 3/4-type shot.Swing back, come through, and then hold the follow-through. And, in this position, what you’re looking for is a fully rotated body, right knee close to the forward knee. And the big keys here — right wrist bent back, left arm straight, left wrist flat. Probably the number-one issue and death move that I see when people try to hit their iron shots is what’s called left-wrist breakdown. This moves the plane of contact with the ground behind the golf ball, raises the launch angle, and costs you some distance and adds too much spin.So, all the best ball strikers are gonna have their hands leading through impact, and then it’s sustaining that for quite some time coming through. So, let me demonstrate the drill, and then we’ll go ahead and take another look. Set up. Take a look at the target. 3/4 backswing. Hold the follow-through. And, if you want, you can go all the way around. But the key goal is to assess, “Where was I coming through?” A lot of the guys that I teach will come through, and their arm will be bent like a chicken wing. It’s okay if this happens, but you can always reassess and say, “Okay, no, this is wrong. I need to be here.” Utilize this drill. I promise solid contact, more distance, better compression. Thank you very much to TaylorMade for having us out at the beautiful Kingdom here in Carlsbad, California. Go see your local professional, get fit, and optimize the best shots of your entire golf life. >> Learn more about Devan Bonebrake at .


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