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How to Keep the Left Arm Straight | Golf Instruction | My Golf Tutor


Are you one of those golfers who’s always trying to make sure that your left arm is straight have you read articles and magazines that tell you all the pros keep their left arm straight hey this is Sean McTernan and you’re watching another episode of my golf tutor the number one place on the internet to play your best golf now welcome back and today’s question comes from miles miles asks I’m a fairly new to playing golf but have heard that I need to keep my left arm straight and that will help me hit better shots is there any truth to that if so what can I do miles to answer your question I believe that it depends on the person as regards whether you can keep your left arm straight or not for me I do like to keep mine straight I don’t want it locked but I definitely like to keep it straight now I’m able to keep it straight though because I have good range of motion in my tee spine I’ve had a couple of students come to me and they’ve actually read an article like you just described in your question and they said oh hey I’m trying to keep my left arm straight tell me how it looks and they make a move something like this so obviously you can see that they’re making a very very short backswing and then they can’t generate enough momentum to make their through swing so what I want you to concentrate on is when you make your backswing if you are someone who has got a tight tee spine you’re going to have to break your elbow a little bit in order to let the club get up here a typical example would be JB Holmes he plays on the PGA Tour he is very tight in his T spine and the only way that he can get the club up to the top of his swing is by allowing his arm to break slightly and so you know bending your arm a little bit it’s not going to rob you of distance JB Holmes is obviously one of the longest hitters on tour but I would like you to take that into consideration the next time you go to the driving range what is your T spine like is it flexible or is it not if it’s not then you are going to have to make a compensation in order to get the club up to the top of your swing miles I hope this video helps you and if you or anyone else has any questions about your golf game please feel free to leave comments in the comment section below so if you’re looking for more information go to my golf tutor com sign up for our email list and get my hottest tips right now so until the next time hit them long and hit them straight


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