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Disc Golf Tips : The Innova Champion Valkyrie Disc


This is a typical disc golf bag, and today we’re going to talk about fifteen different discs that I would use for a shot selection and different shots. This is a Champion Valkyrie made by Innova, and it is a understable disc. If I throw this disc perfectly flat and level, it’s engineered to turn to the right, and if I throw it high enough, it will come back and fade to the left. So it’s an understable disc. Valkyrie’s are great for rollers. Most of your understable discs are going to be your roller discs and the reason for that is, is when you throw this disc flat, its’ immediate tendency is to come this way. So if you throw the disc this way, then its’ tendency is to go this way and what will happen is, is that when you throw the disc at an angle this way, it’s going to hit the ground before it gets anywhere which is what you want because if you throw it right, it’s going to land straight up on its’ edge, because it’s an understable disc.Understable discs turn, so if you accentuate that turn, it will induce the roll. And again this is a Champion Valkyrie 172. .


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