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Disc Golf Tips : The Innova Champion Shark Disc


This is a typical disc golf bag. Today, we’re going to talk about fifteen different discs that I have in my bag that I would use for shot selection around the course. This disc here is a Champion Shark multi-purpose disc from Innova. It’s a little beat up, which is good for me. This is a over stabled disc. It’s an over stabled multi-purpose disc. So, this disc is really good for shots anywhere from a hundred feet to two hundred and fifty feet depending on your strength and how far that you can throw. The Shark is actually more of an over stabled disc. So, the more beat up it gets that’s why you see this one has got some divots. It’s hit some trees. It seems that as a disc gets worked in and gets beat up, it becomes a little bit more under stabled. So, if you have a disc that is over stabled and its tendency is to immediately turn to the left., then if you use it and you beat it up enough, you’ll actually get that disc to start turning over for you and creating longer shots for you.I use this Champion Shark also as a putter. I think that most mid-ranges are pretty adapted to putting also. You don’t find many that have the nice soft texture of the putters. But, this has been one of the best discs I have ever owned. I find that, I can throw Big Heuser’s with it. Being a multi-purpose disc, I usually have a problem with getting those to turn over on me. I don’t know if it’s just the beveled edge a bit deeper than a Distance Driver or what.But, it has caused me some problems. And, with this disc I’ve learned that if I throw it flat because it’s a little beat up because it’s a mid-range over stabled disc. It’s going to go straight for me for about a hundred and fifty feet and then it’s going to curve. But, because it’s beat up if I let the disc out with the wing up I can actually create a Helix with this disc. That will give me excellent range and also give me the turn and the fade that I need when I need it.So, again this is a Innova Champion Shark multi-purpose disc. And, it’s a hundred and eighty grams which is the regulation. That is the heaviest they can get through PDGA which, is the Pro Disc Gold Association. They set all the rules and let us know what we’re allowed to throw and what we’re not allowed to throw. And, this would be the heaviest disc that you can throw in a tournament. And, it’s pretty popular. Most people like their mid-ranges to be a little heavier.Just because, when you’re
using a mid-range most of the time you’re either on a really long hole or you might have hit a tree on your drive and you still have some distance to go. So, this is a pretty good reliable disk for me. .


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