Nike GL9169 Mojo Double Dozen White Golf Balls 24PK

Price: $21.99

Product Description : This 24 pack of Nike Mojo Golf Balls is ideal for golfers of any skill level looking to add a bit of extra distance to their drives. Each ball has two layers with design elements that enhance its overall performance. In addition, the multi-layer design is meant for golfers of all skill levels. These Nike golf balls have a powerful core that generates incredible distance off the tee or fairway. Their outside cover gives them a soft feel that is critical to making putts on the green. The white golf balls have alignment aid on the side that generates on-line putts and inspires confidence. Share these with friends and make a memorable day on the course. For a better game all-around both on the green and off the tee, reach for this 24 pack of Nike Mojo Golf Balls.Excellent material !!
Genuine !!
Durable !!

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