Martini Golf Tees Assorted 5-pack (4 Count)

Price: $17.70 - $9.75

Martini Tees are made tall for today’s larger club heads. This package includes 4 packages of 5 tees. The regular tee is 3 ¼ inches tall, and made of a proprietary polymer resin. This enables it to last a lot longer than old-fashioned wooden tees. Independent laboratory testing proves that Martini Tees give you drives that are both farther and a straighter, compared to wooden tees. The large cup allows you to tilt the ball as much as 20%. This provides longer straighter drives and a longer roll. You can get a year’s supply of tees for the same price as one martini cocktail.This is a 100% hand knit driver cover with a 6″ pompom Made from 100% New Zealand wool Fits all drivers including�460 cc drivers The head cover measures�approximately�22″ in length Elastic knitted into the fabric at the bottom and under the head for a firm fit

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