Golf Mat, Golf Net Cage, 10’x10’x10 Golf Net Golf Cage and 4’x5’ Residential Golf Mat. Our Dura-Pro 10′(d) x 10′(h) x10′(w) Golf Cage Golf Net Comes With High Velocity Strong Impact Golf Netting and a High Impact Double Back Stop and Target Plus a 4′ X 5’ Residential Golf Mat Free Ball Tray/Balls/Tees/60 Min. Full Swing Training DVD/Impact Decals & Correction Guide With Every Order! Please Note This is a Commercial Grade Golf Cage With a Residential Golf Hitting Mat.

Price: $385.95

GOLF MAT & CAGE: Dura-Pro 10’x10’x10′ Golf Cage is made with our High Velocity Netting Outlasts all other cages! Easy Up and Easy Down; Indoor/Outdoor All Weather. 1″ Frame Corners are included. You will need to purchase twelve 10′ lengths of EMT Steel (conduit) to complete the frame from your local hardware store (it is very inexpensive). We send everything else you need to build a full size golf cage. Instructions are included for fast assembly! Lowe’s EMT Steel Conduit SKU #72715; Home Depot’s EMT Steel Conduit SKU #580015

DURA-PRO RESIDENTIAL GOLF MAT: Dura-Pro Golf Mats – Our family has been in the golf mat business since 1997! Dura-Pro has out-sold the competition every year! Dura-Pro Golf Mats out last all other golf mats! IF IT DOESN’T SAY DURA-PRO IT’S NOT DURA-PRO QUALITY! 100% Nylon NOT POLY! Includes 2 Rubber Tees for woods/drivers (recommended for lower skill levels) & 1 Adjustable Friction Wood Tee Holder to use with a wood tee. The mat has 2 tee holes (for right or left handed). Rotate the golf mat periodically for even wear over time! Residential Golf Mats aren’t recommended for commercial settings. Light chipping with irons is fine for skilled golfers who can pick the ball clean off the mat with their wedges/irons. Golfers of any skill level who take too steep of a descending blow on the ball to simulate taking a divot can cause damage to the mat. These mats aren’t intended for down & through fat shots. This could result in damage to the mat & would void the warranty. Our Residential Golf Mats are great mats when used as intended. The following mats are engineered for taking full down & through shots: Dura-Pro Premium Commercial Golf Mats, Dura-Pro Multi-Club Champion WoodTee Driver/Iron/Fairway Wood Golf Mats, Dura-Pro High Tech Golf Mat with Shock Elimination Technology. Choose the right mat. Mfg. tolerances + or – on sizes. Place mat on a flat level surface.Dura-Pro Golf Mats are rated #1 by consumers. 8 Year UV Warranty Protection. MADE IN THE USA!
Dura-Pro Tough Turf is 30% denser. Dura-Pro Golf Hitting Mats are thermally welded to the base pad.
Indoor/Outdoor. Absorbs club shock. Dura-Pro the #1 Mat in Golf!
Includes a 10′(d) x 10′(h) x 10′(w) Golf Cage Golf Net with High Velocity Strong Impact Netting, High Impact Douoble Back Stop and Target. This is the Commercial Grade Cage (See Description Below)

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