Search ‘N Rescue Mini Hide Away Spring Loaded Golf Ball Retriever, Silver/Orange/White, 10-Feet

Price: $18.75

The newest in our line of Search ‘N Rescue Retrievers. This Mini Hide Away Spring Loaded Retriever has a two tone head design provides great visibility in all conditions. Reach 10 feet and it collapses down to just 16 inches to fit in the side pocket of your bag. Weighs less than 1 pound, great for those who walk or travel. Just place the retriever over the ball, trigger side up, press down and spring loaded mechanism captures the ball. Don’t worry if you miss, just turn head over, pull the reset trigger toward you and you are ready to go again. This reset trigger can also be used to release the ball after you pick it up so you are ready to get the next one. We have also added a heavy duty spring to prevent that increases the life and durability of the head.Spring loaded retriever with stainless steel telescopic assembly
Compact and lightweight, has a 10 foot reach and collapses down to 16 inches
Just place retriever over ball trigger side up and press on spring to capture ball
To release the ball or to reset the head, just turn over and pull reset trigger
High visibility with two tone colored head, Heavy duty spring design for durability

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