MeasureTees Plastic Golf Tees – 3 1/4 Inch – 30 Nearly Unbreakable Tees with Height and Trajectory Control Lines

Price: $9.99

Buy with confidence! AckBrands LLC offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied with your MeasureTees, return them for a full refund! AckBrands LLC is the only authorized seller of MeasureTees.CONTROL YOUR TRAJECTORY. Teeing too high or low will drastically reduce your distance. MeasureTee precision height control allows you to consistently tee low when the wind is in your face, normal for your sunny weekend league, and high to catch the wind at your back. Give yourself the advantage of adaptability.
MAXIMIZE YOUR CONSISTENCY WITH HEIGHT LINES EVERY 1/4″. Ideal tee height can vary between people and clubs, don’t get caught trying to guess proper tee height! Numbered height control markers allow you to tailor your tee height to your clubs and your swing. Your drives will be consistent hole after hole, day after day.
IMPROVE YOUR CONFIDENCE. Every golfer knows that golf is mostly mental. You have enough to concentrate on, don’t let proper tee height weigh on your mind when you line up your drive. With MeasureTees you can drive with confidence knowing that your ball will always be at the ideal height.
INCREASE YOUR LENGTH WITH DURABLE PLASTIC. Modern drivers are HUGE. Many beginners fresh out of the pro shop will line their oversize driver up to a puny 2 1/8″ tee, don’t let this be you! With 3 1/4″ of durable plastic to work with you’ll hit the sweet spot every time.
UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL WITH CONSISTENCY, CONFIDENCE, AND CONTROL. How much did you spend on your clubs? $1000? $2000? More? Using high end clubs with a “normal” tee is like racing a Porsche on a donut: you’ll be all over the road and never at full speed! Why let a tee stand in the way of you and greatness? Use MeasureTees for results you can measure.

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