Golf Wind Reader, BREEZ Caddie long lasting visual aid predicts ball flight, helps golfers make club selection, improves wedge game, fits into any pouch can clip to belt or bag next to towel – neoprene short sleeve shirt supports bottle and grips your glove – easy to carry size of divot tool, brush, tees, marker, GPS watch wristband perfect wind rangefinder great gift accessories

Price: $14.95

You check the lie, you check the distance, and you check the WIND. Sound familiar? Determining the wind is a MUST for every golfer. The new BREEZ Caddie makes it easy!

BREEZ Caddie contains a specially formulated Ultra-Fine blend of odorless particles. Simply flip the lid, squeeze, and watch as the puffed contents disperse airborne. The cloudy mist shapes into the wind giving you long-lasting visual feedback before dissipating. BREEZ Caddie features a custom neoprene vest with a clip to secure on your golf bag, making it ready for every swing. Better yet, your BREEZ Caddie is nearly the length of a divot tool, plenty small enough to keep in your pocket the entire round.

Reading the wind is way more complex than just throwing grass in the air. Using the new BREEZ Caddie golf aid, you can quickly determine both the wind direction and speed much more effectively. Knowing wind direction is important on the golf course, determining wind strength is crucial. That’s why top players know it’s vital to establish a precise wind strength reading to take the guess work out of club selection. BREEZ Caddie delivers a much longer objective look at ever changing wind patterns, giving you a more definitive reading on the wind. Tossing grass in the air only reveals a vague glimpse of these patterns, leaving you with indecisive golf shots. Feel confident over your golf ball, lower your scores, and add a BREEZ Caddie to your cart today!

Read the Wind Faster, Easier, more Effectively with BREEZ Caddie, Golf’s Optimal Wind Gauge
Each 2oz Bottle Contains Specially Formulated Ultra-Fine Particles That Shape the Wind for Long Lasting Visual Feedback
Visibly Longer Wind Reading, up to 5x Longer than throwing grass in the air
Conveniently Clips to Your Bag or Fits Easily in Your Pocket the Entire Round

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