Microfiber Towel for Beach, Hair, Travel, Gym, Sports – Lightweight, Absorbent Quick Dry Towels – Perfect for Yoga, Pool, Golf, Pilates, Camping & Shower – Includes Carrying Bag

Price: $24.99

Are You Ready To Have Beautiful, Glowing, Healthy Hair that does not take HOURS to dry? Stop spending precious hours trying to dry your hair with damaging blow drying… This Is The Most Fast, Easiest Way To Dry

Get dressed, apply make-up, and check email – all while our unique Microfiber Instant Dry technology dries your hair.

Don’t waste your time on Hair Damaging blow drying or traditional towels that are Bulky and do not absorb moisture well… enjoy the easiest hair drying towel on Amazon! Have the perfect hair drying experience with No Dripping, No More Wet Backs and Floors and No Heavy Bulk on Your Head. Drying your hair couldn’t be any easier. You do NOT want to miss this.

Give It A Try; Don’t Like It..? You Get A Refund. Get Your Healthy and Beautiful Hair Back!

If for ANY reason you don’t like our Microfiber Hair Towel, we’ll refund you. Take back control of your life; be more productive than ever. If you’ve tried other products, but weren’t happy with the results…you NEED to give ours a try! You are fully backed with our MANUFACTURER 100% RISK FREE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

Simply Click “Add to Cart” to experience just how easy and life-changing drying your hair the RIGHT way can be…100% Risk Free!



– Soft Absorbent MicroFibre Towel
– Large Towel Size 130 x 80 CM
– Comfortable To Use
– Anti Bacterial Material
– Very Quick To Dry
– Great microfibre beach towel, golf, yoga, fitness, hiking, camping and even the bath!

Super Absorbent, Light Weight Giant Micro Fibre Towel

Our high quality microfibre travel towels are very absorbent, giving you that lovely dry feeling. Great to take to the gym for fitness, yoga for stress,travelling, on holiday, camping, to the beach in fact anywhere. Same size as your standard bath towels.LIGHTWEIGHT AND COMPACT: With travel requirements the way they are today, you can’t afford to have a bulky, heavy towel in your luggage. Not anymore. Your extra large 30″ x 60″ microfibre beach towel will both fold and fit comfortably into a minuscule 8″ x 8″ mesh and nylon carry bag weighing less than a meagre 150 grams. It’s the perfect travel and golf towel!
SOFT ON YOUR SKIN: This microfibre towel has a super soft feel that you will simply love to use time and time again.
NO MORE “WET TOWEL SMELL”: The unique antimicrobial fabric can be easily cleaned. Just put it into boiling water or hand wash and be confident that your towel won’t fade or smell.
SAVE MONEY WITH THIS MIRACLE TOWEL: These towels are so versatile you can use it for almost anything. Customers have used this for backpacking, hiking, fishing, boating, camping, as a fitness towel, yoga towel, beach towel, travelling towel, bathroom towel. The small towel is perfect for hair drying, a bath mat, cleaning cloth, wiping dishes and neck towel at gym, golf towel and more
SUPER ABSORBENT AND QUICK DRYING: The new advanced microfiber fabric absorbs 7 to 9 times its weight in moisture and yet no matter how wet your towel gets, it dries out in no time at all (almost 300% faster than cotton). Worried about putting your “not quite dry towel” in your bag. Don’t be. This fast drying towel can even dry quickly whilst stored in your bag or even when folded. That’s what this microfiber nylon alternative towel was designed for – to be both highly absorbent and quick drying!

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