Microfiber Travel Towel – Large 52″ x 32″ with Free Hand/Face Cloth in Gift Box – Super Fast Quick Dry – Antibacterial – Best for Backpacking, Beach, Camping, Gym, Swimming and Sports

Price: $35.00

If you’re away from home, you often need to travel with all the essentials.

When it comes to towels, you need one that does the job of a big fluffy bath sheet … but light weight and compact instead.

ECOdept uses a plush fabric that’s soft and supple against your skin – none of the cheap stuff that feels like cardboard!

They work a bit differently to thick cotton varieties – you have to ‘pat’ rather than ‘rub’ your body. Most customers regard their chamois performance as superior to traditional towels … and some even convert to using them at home and reclaim some of that closet space!

Special features of the Journey Towel that we have created:

– Genuine Antibacterial Microfiber fabric, so you can use it repeatedly and it won’t smell between washes.

– A Hanging ‘Snap’ Loop at one corner of the towel, so you can easily hang it for quick drying.

– A Breathable Waterproof Pocket Bag, just in case you have to put a damp towel straight into your case.

The ECOdept Journey towel promises to meet all of your quick-dry traveling and sports demands – backpacking and camping, hiking and trekking, gym and yoga workouts, wetter pursuits like swimming and kayaking, or even gentler settings like the golf course or the beach. You’ll find one indispensable if you have a wet and muddy dog too … this towel is multi talented!

Our microfiber travel towel is backed by our no-hassle free Guarantee. If our product doesn’t live up to your expectations, then you can return it to us whenever you choose for a replacement or a 100% refund.

So order now, and your ECOdept Journey Towel will be on its way to you. And how about another for your fellow traveler?

★ WHISKS WATER OFF YOUR BODY. This ultra absorbent microfiber fabric gets you bone dry in seconds. Hang it up with the snap loop and it dries up to 4 times faster than a regular towel. Fast drying high performance!
★ NOW YOU CAN CARRY LESS. Dump your ‘fluffies’ and save space. Large bath size 52″ x 32″ – weighs just 8oz! Packs into a small waterproof bag. FREE extra matching hand/face/hair towel: 24″ x 15″ – Value $7.95.
★ LUXURIOUS SUPER SOFT AND LIGHTWEIGHT FABRIC – gentle on the skin. Genuine ANTIBACTERIAL microfiber that prevents odor and germs. Available in 4 rich colors – green, blue, orange and gray.
★ PERFECT FOR OUTDOOR AND ACTIVE LIFESTYLES. This towel will go anywhere and everywhere with you. Great for long or curley hair – no frizz! Essential gear for your backpack, sports bag or suitcase.
★ PREMIUM GIFT PRESENTATION for travelers and adventurers. Limited Time Promo Code – 8JJ6YAX6 – takes 5% off if you order 2 or more today!

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