Instant Cooling Towel 3 Pack, GLAREE Soft Cool Neck Scarf 36″ x 14″ for Sports Workout Fitness Golf Gym Yoga Running Hiking Travel Camping & More

Price: $13.95 - $9.95


1. Cool only in the WET SITUATION.
2. STOP using if you have ALLERGIES.
3. Do Not OVER-PULL.
4. Do Not wash in HOT WATER and BLEACH.


1. Color: 1 x Blue, 1 x Purple, 1x Green.
2. Material: Cold polyester fiber.
3. Size: 36″ x 14″.
4. Weight: 1.70 oz.


1. Three colors to choose, meet the needs of whole family.
2. Instantly cools down by just Soaking, Wringing and Snapping.
3. Cooling effect can last up to Several Hours.
4. 36″ x 14″ – Large enough to meet all your needs.
5. Soft, Breathable, Absorbent, Smooth, Comfortable, Healthier and Light on skin.
6. Perfect for Athletes Runners Sports Fans and Outdoor Workers.
7. Physical Reaction Eco-friendly and Reusable for long lasting value.
8. Super absorbent of the Mesh towel Regulates the water inside and Ensures water retention.
9. Edges are Smoothly Finished and the Exquisite Stitching prevents the 4 corners from unraveling.
10. Water resistant plastic bag is easily Storage when you go climbing, cycling or hiking.
11. Machine Washable.

Packing Content

1. 3PCs Glaree Cooling Towel
2. 3 x Waterproof Bags
3. 1 x Happy Card

1. Instant Cooling & Reusable: quickly Cools Down by just Soaking, Wringing and Snapping, Reduces body temperature up to 30 degrees, and easy to Reactivate by same steps.
2. Long Lasting Cooling: super absorbent Fiber of the Mesh towel Regulates the water inside and Ensures water retention, the Magical Cooling Effect can last up to Several Hours.
3. Decent Size & Multipurpose: 36″x14″-easy to Tie when you Move Around. It is perfect for Outdoor Football Tennis Climb Cycling, Indoor Crossfit Pilates Bowling, Prevent Fever or Sun Protection. Everyone can use, even pets.
4. Soft & Eco-friendly: Latest cool fiber material, Breathable, Light, Comfortable, Dries Soft and easily Folds up, Healthier and more Fashionable, Most people’s choice.
5. What you get: Three pack cooling towels with Three nice portable Waterproof Pouches. 24 Hours Service Time, 30-day Free Refund or Returned, 2-year Free Warranty.

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