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Delta Q 72V Battery Charger For Polaris GEM


Price: $495.99

Delta-Q QuiQ On-Board 72V Battery Charger 912-7200 The Delta-Q QuiQ charger is an advanced, high frequency charger that is small and light. The charger is completely sealed, is passively cooled without the use of fans, and can withstand temperature extremes, moisture and high vibration. The QuiQ charger is programmed with 10 charge profiles for both wet and sealed batteries. It can be used worldwide as it operates at both 120 volts and 230 volts. These are commonly used on golf cars, electric vehicles, floor scrubbers, and battery powered sweepers. Features include: 72 Volts 12 Amps maximum For Lead acid (Wet/AGM/GEL)* AC input voltage – 120 VAC / 230 VAC at 45-65 Hz AC input connector US IEC320/C14 (requires country specific cord) IEC320/C14 Universal 8 Inch AC inlet plug 6 Foot DC 12AWG/4C output cable 10-segment LED for AC, 80%, 100%, Fault, Ammeter (6) Stores up to 10 user-­selectable charge algorithms Dimensions: 11″ x 9.7″ x 4.3″ Weight: 11 lbs Two Year Warranty Battery Types: Choose your battery type from the drop-down list above. If your battery is not on that list select “other” at the bottom of the list and at checkout tell us your battery type and model number. Or call or email with this information shortly after checkout. *These are not recommend for Lithium batteries and we do not support or program for Lithium. GEM Cars: Although this has the same model number as the stock GEM charger, it is not identical. Some of the interlock functions on the car may not work with this charger. Although a bypass may be possible, we do not provide support for this nor do we have instructions available.72 Volt Battery Charger
Can be used on Ford Think NEV
Can be programmed for any battery type, Gel, Lead Acid, Lithium Ion

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